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    Question Returning player

    Hi all,

    Well, I played AO a long time ago (around 2000) and for a long time. Then I stopped and went on others games ... But AO is still calling me. I'm back then ... I leveled up a new char, but I always come being lost when I'm trying to play with anothers players .. I don't understand how I can find people. The LFT tool is always empty.

    I remember a long time ago Omni Ent BB was always filled with people waiting for a team. How does it works now ? Is it recommended to join a guild in order to find playmates ?

    My char : Etherian, agent omni

    Thanks =)
    Didjezik, soldier

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    Hi didjezik2,

    first of all - welcome back! =)
    True, the LFT is often quite empty. However, you may wanna check if you have set "Location" to "any". In standard settings, Rubi-Ka is marked and you won't see any lft player who is currently in SL. Also, you may wanna join darknet /tell darknet register - many ppl look for / offer stuff to do.

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    Hi Lougi0 and thanks for your answer.

    I'll join Darknet so, hoping I'll find mates

    Good game
    Didjezik, soldier

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