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Thread: Level 200 weapon(s)

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    Level 200 weapon(s)

    I am planning on stopping my trader at 200, possibly indefinitely. Need some advice on weapons. I'm aware of the 300 silverback, but I figured with the abundance of IP and level 200 being mostly pvm(nobody around ever wanting to do bs or anything I've seen), I've considered dual wielding, getting some specials, etc. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    QL300 Fine Smith Shattergun and whatever weapon with specials you can squeeze on
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    can always go fss and nrg pistol from s7 which is ok or maybe go with a type4 pistol or somthing that gives fling and burst to oft hand, post below this in forums is me asking the same questions, in the end i leveled past 200 as the perfected kick pistol is just to nice and with a lvl tag of 210 well think i will just make them and sit at 214 for a bit and use my alt as a 214 pumkin farming for a bit and also 214 bs when it runs. Also cackhander is a viable oft hand weapon if u can get a nice crit setup going.

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