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Thread: Crat soloing 2018

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    Crat soloing 2018

    Just been trying out some soloing on my Crat. I don't play Crat a lot anymore but I wanted to try out a Take the Bullet spam strategy.

    Here are the self-buffed fights I've done:
    Sister Merciless (just a standard charm fight, kind of relearning Crat)
    LoTV (trying the TTB spam strategy for the first time here, after practice I can now do LoTV w/o dropping below 50% HP)
    Arch Bigot Lohel
    Anansi's Right Hand

    And using OSBs (but just like for Keeper/Shade I'm limiting myself to hour+ long buffs so no Soldier reflect aura):

    We lost a lot of solo ability with the init fix of 18.4.8, and at first I thought 18.7 hurt us too by removing some init debuffs. But 18.7 also buffed TTB and after finally getting around to gearing up my Crat recently I'm really liking it. Crats are great soloers in Albtraum/Pande/Inf of course, but with TTB spam they're pretty good everywhere. I'll most likely just go with TTB spam over charms when killing Inf dynas now.

    TTB is so great because there's no cooldown, it just lasts for 30 seconds and then you can immediately recast it. And it doesn't have any restriction or scaling based upon the level of the pet being sacrified, so feel free to instacast the lowest QL pet and TTB again right after. I don't do it here, but I might try some harder fights where I reperk into Secondary Genome for Survival which I think will work really well with this build.

    And another thing, the QL 200 pet seems to do ~50% of the 215's damage in low AC encounters and ~75% in high AC encounters and it only takes like 1-2 seconds to cast. If it's an easier fight where you're not constantly spamming TTB but only using it occasionally, you still might not want to worry about recasting the 215 pet.
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