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Thread: Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet Anniversary Sub reward

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    Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet Anniversary Sub reward

    Instead of offering more XP sets (BORING) I think Funcom should do the account wide Parasite Helmet for the yearly sub in June. Anyone with me on this?

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    Nobody plays anymore? 8( lol
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    Pretty sure there haven't been any real anniversary sub rewards after the new "subscriber punishment" system was introduced which replaced the veteran points system. The vet point system actually rewarded from loyalty and continuing support for the game. The new system "rewards" you with a couple of good items and mostly trash when you just fork up the cash for a couple of years sub. And that's it. The last reward requires about 900 days of paid sub. After that you get nada. You don't even get the useful things like heckler juices and character slots again even if you've paid for several years already and they only require 360 days or something.

    The new system is designed in a way that it effectively prevents them for offering anything else except those xp armors or some social fluff.

    They don't even give those extra months anymore as anniversary rewards, because if they gave extra months, people would get some the new sub "rewards" for free.
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