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Thread: Shade soloing 2018

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    Shade soloing 2018

    Just been trying out some soloing on my Shade. If you enjoy Shades/soloing you might find some of these fights interesting.

    A couple of self-buffed speed runs on common targets to get warmed up. Would be cool to see what MA Shades are capable of here:

    Some outside-buffed excursions into Pandemonium (at least several can easily be done self-buffed though). I limit my OSBs to buffs lasting an hour+, so no Soldier reflect auras allow:
    Middle Zod
    North Zod
    East Zod
    West Zod
    First Portal Zod
    (most know Mid/North, but just recorded them for completeness)

    So Shades can do E/W Zods, I doubt Keepers can as the adds will burn through Watch Ward too frequently. But Keepers can do Mutant Shadow Eremite, and I haven't managed to do that on Shade yet. Haven't tried a run with 2x Lord of Deceit though, and some annoying kiting strategy might be possible. Done DB3 Fire Floor on Keeper but haven't tried on Shade yet, I would guess it's possible though.

    Let me know if you can think of any other fun things for Shades to try!
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