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Thread: What buff wich skill (bot plugin)

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    What buff wich skill (bot plugin)


    I've recently coded a !whabuff command complementary plugin for bebot, available here :
    It's a declination inspired from Tyrence & Unk !whatbuffs for budabot, released here :

    Both are used like this (once installed on your bot) :
    - send the command to the bot, wich would return a list of slots
    - once a slot is clicked, bot would return a list of skills
    - once a skill is clicked, bot would return a list of best items buffing this skill in this slot

    This is wanted to be of help for noobies learning to twink as much as for confirmed players wanting to do a quick seach ingame instead of being forced to get out AO client to surf one of available database websites - wich are still of excellent use for more detailed needs as QL precision, damage display, various calculations, overview, etc.

    Enjoy your twinking !
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