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Thread: Keeper soloing 2018

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    Keeper soloing 2018

    Here are some videos of me soloing stuff on my Keeper (self-buffed), using a caster build and a Watch Ward spam strategy:

    DB3 Fire Floor

    DB3 is by far the hardest, DB2 is kind of hard, rest aren't so bad. I don't actually farm these solo or anything so I'm sure they can be done significantly faster with some tuning.

    What else do we need to do so Keepers can be crowned the best solo class in AO? If we can solo everything that any other profession can then it's definitive, we're best or tied for best at least. Anansi's L/R Hand? Dreads? Cybernetic Demon?


    Here are some more fights:
    LoTV (for something more relatable)
    Redeemed Lord Galahad
    Chief Virologist McLaughlin

    And some using OSBs:
    Anansi's Left Hand
    Mutant Shadow Eremite

    And a playlist with all of them ordered roughly by difficulty (that I personally experienced):
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    That's all pretty impressive, but engineers can already do it faster and easier. Neat seeing a keeper being able to do it also though.

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    Thanks, but ugh Engineers I mean every time you log on you have to cast, buff, and trim your pets. Then you have to constantly monitor them. It's annoying. I don't want Engineers to be the best solo profession in the game.

    So the goal is making the set of mobs soloed by Keepers a superset of the set of mobs soloed by Engineers. Or at least not a proper subset for starters. Here are the videos I've found of Engineers soloing things:

    DB1 Not self-buffed but can definitely do it with 0 OSB NCU.
    DB3 Fire Floor Not self-buffed, like, 107 OSB NCU being used maybe? Don't know enough about Engis to know if those OSBs are necessary.

    In this playlist you'll find some others, Peal Thunder, Major Woon, LoTV, Ian Warr, Peter Lee, General Kaehler Jr, Supply Master Eel. Not sure how we should do Dreads, isn't there some mechanic where if you're of the same faction they nuke you? I can at least get two Clan Dreads. The others should be easy.

    I don't see Vortexx or DB2 and DB3 wasn't selfed, so as things stand right now it's not clear which profession is better. But let's be honest they can do those, it's just a matter of time. Maybe they can't do Anansi's L/R Hand? I don't know if Keepers can either but it's something to try, could be kiteable by us but deal too much damage for Engis to outheal.
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    Well Anansi L Hand doesn't seem possible, kiting or straight up. I'm assuming R Hand is the same. And Cybernetic Demon is really close but when I got him to one bar his agg seemed to wipe constantly, increasing his heal delta beyond my ability to do damage. So I had him at .75 to 1.5 bars for like 10 mins before giving up.

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    Here's Anansi's Left Hand but with outside buffs, 247 NCU worth of them. I guess we can just allow OSBs for all fights, but fights using less OSB NCU 'win' against fights with more OSB NCU. Self-buffed fights are just fights with 0 OSB NCU. And how about all OSBs need to have a duration of at least 1h, so no 20min Soldier reflect auras allowed.

    I've done this fight self-buffed on a Crat, Doctor, and Shade. Not sure if it's doable for Keepers self-buffed, I've tried and failed a few times, getting near 60% HP on my best run. Init debuffs land easily and relative to other bosses are extremely effective. For example: Left Hand is ~34 hit attempts/min non-debuffed, ~14 hit attempts/min w/ UBT (59% decrease in speed), Ground Chief Aune is ~40 hit attempts/min non-debuffed, ~28 hit attempts/min w/ UBT (30% decrease in speed), making UBT twice as effective vs Left Hand. In terms on non-debuffed damage, Left Hand does roughly twice as much damage vs a 220 Doctor as Ground Chief Aune (~200k DPM vs ~100k DPM, depending on buffs/gear/etc).

    Are Keepers, Crats, Doctors, and Shades the only profs that can solo this boss?

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    I remember soloing Left Hand before LE came out with some fun kiting using DoT rings. Took me a few tries before I got it down though. Pretty sure I did it selfbuffed. But it's a helluva long time ago, so I might have had a couple OSB's.
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    Oh yeah, they got buffed during some Inferno quest releases it looks like: Init fix of 18.4.8 might've also made them harder, not sure. If you're still able to kite them that would be cool to see. I tried on a char that must be way way stronger than one from pre-LE and it doesn't seem possible anymore unfortunately. But kiting is still a great tool Keepers have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baduizm View Post
    Maybe they can't do Anansi's L/R Hand? I don't know if Keepers can either but it's something to try, could be kiteable by us but deal too much damage for Engis to outheal.
    I set up my prefs on my engi and decided to give it a go. Not only can they solo right hand, it was surprisingly easy too. I assume left hand is the same. This was also done in a pure PvP setup, and with a dedicated PvM solo setup it would be even easier. I used soothing calm so I wouldn't have to stim as much, but you can easily perk genius, use more stims, etc. to do it without any OSBs.

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    Okay good to know, thanks. I did some other fights with AoE mechanics in an attempt to find something a little harder. Still probably doable for Engis, and even MPs as this thread seems to indicate:

    Chief Virologist McLaughlin
    Redeemed Lord Galahad
    Mutant Shadow Eremite

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