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Thread: R.I.P - Reapermann passed away this morning

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    R.I.P - Reapermann passed away this morning

    We, all Athen Paladins, have the sadness to inform the AO Community that our beloved friend and General Reapermann (Carequinha, Agentough, Toughenf, and many others) passed away a few hours ago, on the morning, his time.

    He was a fantastic and friendly player, a wonderful person, a dedicated raid leader, and the help he provided to me in my org leader duties has been awesome, as well as the help he kindly gave to many people around.

    He has been sick for a while and still made the effort to be online with us all on Rubi-Ka.

    Check this link for more information as his sister will try to organize something on Facebook.

    The following are my personal thoughts I posted on our forums and in the forums of our Alliance. I think I should share them with you.

    I am usually a man of many words. I find the good ones. But, now, about Reapermann, I can only find one: Love.

    I loved him and he was love to all AP.

    He was a fantastic asset to our org and family, a fantastic officer, a wonderful, faithful and dedicated friend.

    Reaper is with us. In all our adventures, he is with us. We don't see him but we feel him. Caring presence, guardian angel. He is here, with AP, with all and each of us.

    He is wonderful and he is there.

    I guess I'm crying now but I will soon feel better because he will comfort me, as he always does.
    Edit : his sister informed us that he was "comfortable and peaceful" when he passed away. I was happy to hear this.
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    I'm sorry for your loss of such a friend. It's nice to know he was comfortable when he passed as that is something I think all of us wish to be.

    Many hugs for those who need them.
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    This is a sad day for all those in AP. I have lost a friend, someone I loved and respected. May God bless you Reaper.
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    My condolences. People we are connected to sometimes we take for granted.
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    My condolences.
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    As Chris said to comfort some of us, let's imagine he's online & around, sneacking nearby to prank us anytime. It's the best way to think of him.
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    shocked -_- RIP damn i had lot of fun with him though alliance :X
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    Reaper was a friend to Coven of Hunters too (not to mention the rest of the Alliance).
    CoH & AOU send our love to his Family.
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    A new Team dedicated to the distribution of knowledge is formed.
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    RIP Reap, Damn i feel so bad about it, You always be here with us
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    Rip Carequinha.
    As we say here in Portugal, descansa em paz.
    We used to chat sometimes in AO, even in the same country we didnt get to know eachother sadly as from what i've heard this guy was a decent and dedicated person.
    So sad.

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