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Thread: Buddy wants to play an Enforcer....

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    Buddy wants to play an Enforcer....

    My only concern is what weapon options I should present to him. I know generally it's 1hb or 2he, but he plans to PVP at some point... even tho I am unsure if he will sub or not.

    That being said, what would be the best option for him?

    Thanks in advance.

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    2he would likely be easiest to level with, as there are decent weapons readily available at most level ranges. It can also do fine in PvP, though he'd need to worry more about his subscription choice than his weapon choice at that point.

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    You could start with 1HE and around lvl 150-200 add 1HB. I think that's still the way to go in PvP as well end game (220+ etc.).

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