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LAST UPDATED: 19 January 29492

Because of recent events and threats, the security procedures at the Council of Truth meetings will be updated. To make this easier for everyone this handy guide has been written by the head of security. Please read through this guide and refer back to it whenever you need to!
You can also always ask Clerk Zagadka or Head of Security Hannah 'Kittiefixie' at the meetings or through a message or mail outside of meeting hours.

If you work with the Council of Truth or attend the Council of Truth meetings, feel free to pass this information on to others who might need it. Since there will soon be an election for speaker it's wise to keep an eye out when attending the meetings.

When attending a meeting of the Council of Truth, please respect these following security procedures:

1) Try to be early rather than late. Security procedures might take some time if there are many attendees, so plan ahead for this. Security will usually be in place half an hour before a meeting.
2) Form an orderly queue starting at the door to the tower, if there are more attendees than you waiting to enter.
3a) When you reach the security check by the door, please state your name if you are unknown to the security personnel. Be prepared to answer a few questions. After the check, security will inform the Council Clerk Zagadka of your arrival and you will be let in.
3b) If you are known to the security personnel from earlier Council meetings, please just wait while security informs the Council Clerk of your arrival and you will be let in once this has been done.
4) When you come into the meeting chamber, take a seat and wait for the meeting to begin.
5) When the meeting is over, leave the tower in an orderly manner. In case you need an escort out, let security know.
6) In some cases the Council might also offer escort to the meetings, but you need to let us know well in advance and be willing to maybe arrive on the early side not to interfere with other security duties. Bring a good book to read. Tea or coffee will be arranged for.

Until we can make visitor keycards to give to attendees for entry, this security check will be our best line of defence against outside threats. We hope you will all cooperate with us on this.

Additional guidelines:

1) No matter if you're new to the meetings or a regular attendee, please let security know if you're coming armed or not. Until further notice, weapons are still allowed, but you need to let security know. This way we can have an idea of who can help fight back in case of an attack on the Council and the meeting.
2) Don't leave any bags or containers around without keeping an eye on them. If you see an unattended bag or container, let security know at once.
3) If someone is acting in a su****ious manner, please let security know this as well.
4) Please don't run inside the tower, especially not if a meeting is going on.
5) Don't bring pets unless you have to. If you do, keep them leashed at all times during the meeting.
6) In case of an attack please be ready to help security defend the tower if you're able to. If you can't help, at least draw back so that you don't get in the way.
7) If you're asked by security to leave the meeting, please do so peacefully.
8) If security asks you to do anything, please do so. They probably have good reasons, and if they can't explain that moment, they'll explain why later.
9) Absolutely no smoking in the Council tower, especially not during the meetings!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with Hannah, ID 'Kittiefixie' either via comms or via mail, or in person. For questions about the meetings themselves, the subjects discussed or on the agenda, or to inform the Council of Truth of matters that should be brought to attention, please contact Clerk Zagadka, ID 'Zagadka' via these same alternatives.

These procedures might be changed, but if they are the date will be updated for easier overlook.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hannah Katsulas
Head of Security, Council of Truth