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Thread: Omni-Tek and the Omega Conspiracy

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    Omni-Tek and the Omega Conspiracy

    ((OOC: There isn't really a place to post this IC... so... ))

    Clan records indicate a betrayal of the people of Rubi-Ka, once again, by Omni-Tek. In over their heads, they plead for an agreement with - of all people - the Omega. They know they have no chance, and are interested in only their survival of the apocalypse that may be coming.

    By not making anyone aware of the impending danger, after negotiations have been going on for some time, they have left us unprepared for an assault.

    Omni-Tek no longer controls Rubi-Ka. They forfeited even their baseless claims for ownership of the planet when their legal claims faltered and they proved that they could not defend us from attacks. The ICC is the power now, mostly holding peace in the face of the invasions by aliens and Outzone factions.

    We do not know if the ICC has also been dealing with the Omega. We only know what the Pilgrims have bravely acquired and brought to our attention. As the independent citizens of Rubi-Ka, we have need to demand that the ICC and Omni-Tek, or any other agency, share information relevant to our mutual defense. We've successfully thrown off invasions before, with global cooperation. We need that chance again.

    Omni-Tek cannot face this threat. I doubt even the ICC can. They have shown disregard for even their own employees.

    And the rest of us? Sacrificial lambs. Unless Omni-Tek can come forward with what they know and how they intended to protect Rubi-Ka, we have to assume that their secret negotiations with the Omega did not include our safety.

    Be clean, for once, Omni-Tek. This is bigger than you, bigger than ICC, bigger than the Clans and the neutrals and the other citizens. As we banded together against the Kyr'Ozch, we can band together against this new threat - but only if you stand tall and gain our trust.

    This is in your hands now. Reply.

    In anger,
    Dr. Cindi Bolieu
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    The letter begins to spread across the grid, read by Clans, Neutrals and Omnis alike. Although there is no mention of Dr. Bolieu in OTPC broadcasts, employees are talking - some in whispers, some on dark gridsites. None of this escapes the attention of Eva Pourais...

    Quote Originally Posted by Statement from an Omni-Admin spokesperson
    It is normally not the policy of Omni-Tek to comment on unfounded rumours. However, Eva and her team have decided to address recent extremist misinformation that sadly appears to have originated from the so-called Council of "Truth".

    Over the past four years tensions on Rubi-Ka have been deescalating and peace is within sight; that is why we are disappointed by the recent inflammatory language from the Council.

    If you are a clan member and are concerned about the zealotry and extremism that seems to have been invited into your government, you are not alone; Clanners everywhere have noticed it. You're talking and we're listening.

    Worried that someone you love is being radicalised? Don't hesitate to contact one of our highly trained Omni-Reform officers. It's what we're here for. In the meantime, please be assured that we are working closely with Omni-Com to protect vulnerable citizens from being targeted by these campaigns.

    We would ask the Council of Truth in future to check their sources and not allow themselves be taken in by religious extremists claiming to be returned Pilgrims.
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