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Thread: [OMNI] Nova Squadron - Recruiting

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    [OMNI] Nova Squadron - Recruiting


    Nova Squadron is an Organization that aims to provide a fun social atmosphere whilst also helping players grow and learn. Our goal is to be able to provide members with the means to find team's and tackle content at any level across all gameplay. It is still early days but here's a list of what we have and what we want.

    Current Provisions

    - Squadbot - Org bot with all the features enabled that make members game experience more enjoyable and rewarding.
    - Org City - Instance City with large HQ with goal to be fully developed.
    - Discord Server with roles, multiple chat and voice channels including music bots etc.
    - Website - Calendar, forums and tools etc.

    Future Provisions

    - Alien Raids - Will happen as often as there are participants.
    - Active Notum Wars activity.
    - PvM Raids and Content teams.
    - Social Events - Egg hunts, party evenings and fashion shows to name a few.
    - Guides(Website) - Aim to have updated and re-written guides keeping them in line with live.

    Organization Website

    Nova Squadron - President
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