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Thread: Noobie looking for active (and patient) guild

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    Noobie looking for active (and patient) guild

    New to AO, not to gaming, have played MMO's since Asheron's Call.

    (asherons call, matrix online, daoc, shadowbane, rift, wow, wildstar, age of conan, star wars galaxies, asherons call 2 , tera, guild wars, guild wars 2, black desert online, secret world, and too many others to remember)

    I very briefly played AO in the past but remember nothing/ so much has changed.(used to have noob island then be able to go right into missions, and I remember the game making more sense and being fun)

    I am a paid subscriber so not a Froob

    What I would like in a guild:

    1) Patience and the willingness to answer questions. Seriously the UI layout, everything about this game is DAUNTING and non user intuitive and overwhelming.

    Bear with me until I learn the areas, I have little sense of direction (will get lost in my own driveway without GPS)

    Some type of voice com, be it discord, ventrillo, TS3, whatever

    I don't beg and whine for gear/special priveleges I just want some help getting started, mostly in the form of answers to questions.

    The people in chat have been real trolly jerks. for every 1 person that answers legitimately there are 9 giving me a hard time/ misinformation and then laughing about it..... seriously way to drive away new players in a minimally populated game.

    Also I have been informed that it is best to stay neutral so I can group with anyone and go anywhere is this true?

    what you get from me

    A loyal old school gamer. I have been a guild leader before (never again :P) so I am not going to cause problems, I am respectful.

    Let me know if you are interested

    Thanks for your time

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    Heya Baiine, if you happen to end up going Clan then The Red Brotherhood might be a nice fit for you. Staying Neutral will give you more freedom in exploring all corners of Rubi-Ka without guards shooting at you.

    Feel free to add Hilfy to your friends list and I can help answer some questions for you.

    Warning: I come with a bad sense of humour and many cookies.
    Fya "Hilfy" Hill - Clan MA, RMR Ltd Security Officer :: Council of Truth's liaison to the ICC
    “The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.”

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    Welcome to AO! Nice to have you with us. To answer your question about staying neutral, mixed teams happen everywhere up to where people start doing SL missions, so picking a side or not picking a side is wholly up to you. Playing neutral is slightly more hardcore but does come with the added bonus of not getting shot so much as Hilfy pointed out.

    I can attest to Hilfy's bad sense of humor and many cookies. Take the cookies, and remember to not even think about running.

    Feel free to hit me up as well-- Redtricks or Ragunn are where I'm likely to be most able to help you out as I'm in a mildly vegetative state on those characters.
    [Vicinity] Hilfy: Expecting?
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