Name: Graham Katsulas
Height: Approximately 180 cm
Hair: Short cut, dark brown
Eyes: Hazel
Usual clothes: Black Omni-Tek uniform
Notable locations of interest: Rome Blue, Omni-Trade, Newland by the Bronto Burger serving, Borealis

Free text:
Graham Katsulas, also known by the callsign 'Grahamatic', has been missing from his home in Rome Blue since about a month back, the 8:th of July, 29491. He works in Omni-Trade as an engineer and never returned home after work that day.

Last known location is from that day and at ICC, after which no one reports having seen him and contact was lost with his datapad. No one in his family or his girlfriend have heard from him since, and all attempts at contact have been met with silence.

Graham was last seen in his standard, black Omni-Tek uniform, and is usually seen with an android following him around. His eyes are hazel and his hair is short and dark.

The authorities have been informed of his disappearance but thus far they have not been able to find him.

If anyone has taken him and reads this, please know his family and his girlfriend are very worried for him. Graham is a good man. Please let him go, and let him return to them. There are people who depend on him and he's deeply missed.

Should you see him or find out anything about his whereabouts, please contact 'Kittiefixie' through mail. Any information that seems significant will be generously rewarded, and should anyone be able to get him back home and to safety the reward will be even greater.

Please, should you know anything that might be of help or need more information, don't hesitate to make contact, no matter how trivial it may seem to you.

Thank you for your time.