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Thread: Wtb Nano Crystals from old shops

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    Wtb Nano Crystals from old shops

    Looking for these nanos:

    Improve Health
    Weapon Augmentation
    Weapon Enhancement

    They used to be sold from the general nano shop before they were removed from the shops. As far as I know they are currently unobtainable unless you had the nano crystal laying around previously. I would interested in paying quite a bit(In excess of 4b, potentially) for these if someone had them. Please reply here or PM me to get in contact. Thanks.
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    If you gave us an idea on what "quite a bit" meant, we might be motivated to look for them. Otherwise, probably not.
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    original post said 4B each nano.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKnuckleSamwich View Post
    original post said 4B each nano.
    Wasn't my post but was prepared to offer that much.

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    my mistake but I suppose that's the competitive rate.

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    Yeap It would appear that's the case

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