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Thread: [CLAN] Make Anarchy Great Again

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    Cool [CLAN] Make Anarchy Clan Again

    We strive for a better community.

    Welcoming everyone with open arms.

    (North America Based Organization)

    As of recently (3/4/17) "Make Anarchy Clan Again" was formed.

    Our main priority is to offer a place for all clanners to join up together and play (PvM - PvP), we don't want to exclude anyone, if your a Veteran or a Returning Player and are looking for a new home and or have experience we want to welcome you as well.

    Right now we are primarily really small and looking to recruit anyone looking for an Org! (1-220)

    We currently offer.

    >Help to lower level members, Fr00bs just joining the game and wanting to learn to play. (Have no fear we will teach you).
    >Organization Chat/Info Bot.



    As like many other org's we have many of the same rules but not all.

    NO GANKING OTHER CLANNER'S <-- (Completely Unprofessional and you might be instantly removed for it.)

    Those with a light heart or can't handle the heat, don't come in our kitchen. we live in a tough world and I've always known people who speak their mind to be the most trustworthy. (Speak your mind)

    Yes, We understand you need help and most likely everyone in the ORG will help you, but they will not drop everything instantly to come rushing to your aid (NO BEGGING)


    If your wanting to join.. Go meet "Crimblez" standing outside ICC Arrival Hall or Send a message to "Crysis911" with your character name or characters you play on, and I will get back to you ASAP with an invite.
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    Welcoming everyone with open arms, no closed doors to anyone.
    Make Anarchy Great Again
    Unfortunately you're already sending mixed messages here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psithief View Post
    Unfortunately you're already sending mixed messages here.
    Hah, well honestly i knew that one was coming, but honestly made it as a joke as well to all the crap going on.

    Everyone needs a good chuckle.

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    Joined yesterday on my new froob which I will play on without any help from my main. Fun and exciting.

    Join up guys!
    Valhall Guardians

    Thapetowner 220 Meta-Physicist
    Hyimoliver 220 Soldier
    Ihatemyself 200 Shade
    Hardcore 200 Adventurer
    Ilovetokill 170 Agent
    Ilovetodrain 150 Trader
    Oxiahe 150 Doctor
    Critterz 150 Martial-Artist
    Awaaa 74 Soldier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowforcee View Post
    Maga! Maga! Maga!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Enarchy The Prophet
    Presdent of "Make Anarchy Great Again".

    "Crysis911" - "Martial Artist - 119"

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    Enarchy The Prophet
    Presdent of "Make Anarchy Great Again".

    "Crysis911" - "Martial Artist - 119"

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