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Thread: Unable to buy items that cost more than 4B

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    Unable to buy items that cost more than 4B

    Hey everyone, I believe that since the last patch we can no longer buy items that cost more than 4B in GMI.

    (yes I know the cred limit is 4B and know how to add more credits)

    The problem right now is when I try to buy for example a GRACE priced at 4.2B and atm I have 5B I always get the message:

    Error: Not enough credits to complete transaction.

    (you can try with an item priced at 1 cred, same result)

    So, if we are not allowed to buy items priced in excess of 4B why let us create Sell Orders for wichever prices we want and at the same time charging us fees for creation?

    Is this intended? More expensive items will have to be traded outside of GMI if this keeps up.
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    Sounds good to me, the fact that things on the GMI are going for more creds than you can properly add to the GMI without dodgy workarounds is mind-blowingly stupid as is. All items should have a cap of 4 billion as well.
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    This seems as sane fix to somehow cap the inflation. Anyway I have always seen ability to buy items for more than GMI cap as an error.

    I hope it's intended as this is only a good thing in long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliveerz View Post
    There Will be a gmi patch coming soon with more limitations. Such as a maximum sellorder/buyorder of 3.99b. I suppose this will help a bit with inflation.
    Told you guys several weeks ago
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    Perhaps there was an exploit with values over 4B and it needs to be capped for now.

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    its a cool thing to cap it at 4b! But they could still increase the maximum amount of creds that you can have in GMI. Or atleast let you do stuff when over 4b.
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    Just to let you know the official answer from a GM:

    "Greetins! If your available credits in the GMI have met or exceeded the credit cap of 4 billion, you will need to withdraw credits before you can buy or sell additional orders. I can confirm this is the behavior intended by our Game Developers."

    Not a fan of it, since it makes it more annoying to store credits, but I understand the reasons behind it.

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    This should've been a thing since GMI was introduced. The old playershops had a 1 bil cap on item sales.

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    All fine and good, but its SENSELESS to be able to make a sell order for over 4B if it can't be purchased. The purpose of the GMI is not only a cred sink but to ensure you can buy something on when you need it.. not when they seller finally logs back on and wants 4.1B for his item...

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    If you can buy items above the cap, then it is not a cap. Even the overflow credits on GMI are probably there so that you wouldn't loose significant amounts of money every single day. Since mailed credits are deleted after some three or so days, for whatever reason, exploits or to sink more credits, they probably figured that the only way not to upset every well off GMI user every single day is to set up market overflow. It has limitations just as inventory overflow does, so its intent wouldn't be exploited.
    While controlling economy directly with caps is bound to aggravate half of the community and make the other half happy, it won't have any actual effect on the inflation. It should, however, lead to some kind of interesting outcomes, such as using shopping networks to sell GMI stuff above its cap, and-or halt grace sales completely. On one hand, Grace is the gold standard by which we can calculate how many euros or dollars game credits and items cost, but on other hand at least some of it is duped, and probably most of it is bought with credspammer money. It is a situation where grace costs 17 to buy but is only worth 6 or 12 for the customer, because grace seller is getting their game credits from FC whereas the grace buyer is not.

    In any case, I've noticed one (and now I hear there are more) offers on GMI above 4bil, they are made by people that either don't know how GMI works, or by people that want you to send them a tell and a nice duped supple bot cherry on the top. If you want 16bil grace deals, petition FC to take cap off and send a Zimbabwe dollar memento to every petitioner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariadast View Post
    All fine and good, but its SENSELESS to be able to make a sell order for over 4B if it can't be purchased. The purpose of the GMI is not only a cred sink but to ensure you can buy something on when you need it.. not when they seller finally logs back on and wants 4.1B for his item...
    This. Just stop allowing more than 4B sell orders to be placed so people don't have to read up on hidden limits.

    Good luck though.
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    I actually talked about this during my latest playthrough series 4 episode, that placing items for a value greater than 4bil is pointless, nobody can actually buy them.
    Most people either spread out their creds into buy orders, or onto other toons once they hit the GMI cap.
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