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Thread: ingame shop social items

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    ingame shop social items

    Where did all the social items go ? thinking of the shoulderpads and wen-wens... no longer obtainable ?
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    I'd like replica of OFAB back in the shop too. Nice looks, but only replica is usable on clans without a huge hassle.
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    please return premium shrinking flesh greater 30% back to the shop. I really need this nano on my froob multibox.

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    Kami sunglasses FFS.

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    Agree... the new item store is horrible, I can't see how it is an improvement over the old one. I also miss the social items.

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    Got some OET RetroPads (the color changing ones) when trying out the Nophex Vanity Voucher recently. Far as I know the wen-wens can be obtained there as well, and at least a portion of the old social set selections. Course, it's a matter of luck now.. =/
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    This new Items store just sucks. All it has is "Make me Uber" items... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOCIAL ASPECT OF THIS GAME!!!! You have the ARKs trying to come back... HOW ABOUT returning Social items to the ITEMS STORE! Can not be taking up that much data and certainly can't hurt as all I hear IN GAME is "I wanted to BUY Social item XXX But they took it out of the Items shop..."

    Recommend that you add them back.

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    Putting social items back in game as something other than a lottery ticket would be nice. I've bought so many armour replicas for rp characters before the change was made, really hating the random voucher. I have no idea why the individual items were removed from the store, but if they're not wanted/needed by the FC team in the item-shop maybe putting them into and in-game shop would work? Like maybe the Phasefront building that has displays of all the social items you can no longer buy individually?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilfy View Post
    Like maybe the Phasefront building that has displays of all the social items you can no longer buy individually?
    NO! You must look at all the items you can no longer have and you WILL enjoy it! Now eat your overpriced yet undercooked and rotten veg like a good little girl!

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