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Thread: Bring back 'Org only' shop to GMI

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    Unhappy Bring back 'Org only' shop to GMI

    The old player city shopping building had the ability to make a shop that was accessible by org members only.
    I would like to see this feature returned to the GMI. It would be quite easy to add another Tab called 'Org' and let players add items to this tab that would only be accessible to other members of the same org.
    This is the one thing that I miss the most about the old player shops. Allowing you to gift/sell cheap items to other org members. This is extremely useful for players who don't play in the busy timezones.
    FC really needs to stop removing things the community wants when they 'fix' something.


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    100% agree. Even better would be a true org bank. But ... this would be welcome regardless.

    In fact ... allow fr00bs to provide to the Org tab.
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    I support this. or some form of org bank system
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    I concur.

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    Wonderful idea.
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    This!... Yes.

    Org Bank with permissions for different ranks would be ideal, but some way for Org members to share or store stuff would be ideal. Out grow a weapon or item, drop it in there for the next lowbie.
    Use GMI if that is the easiest way to implement this.
    or reuse the old Org shop buildings, and make them org only... Searchable via GMI would of course be ideal.
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