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Thread: So is that it? the rebalancing is over or?

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    So is that it? the rebalancing is over or?

    So is this it? is this what the devs envisioned as "balanced" or is there more to come?

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    I think they said somewhere that there will come more in the future, I just can't find the post right now.
    But if it will happen is a different story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Opentrade View Post
    You write "devs" in plural. Does not compute.

    In August I think Michi wrote he'd like to make smaller, incremental balance changes more often and started with some changes to agents. We're still waiting for the 2nd increment
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    If one of the few traders are PvPing around you and land GTH on you, take a trip to decon and it will be gone. What's the big deal hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avari View Post
    We're still waiting

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    in that sad, cringey kind of way where you wish things were different but they aren't.

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    Probably depends on the success of Funcom's next game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psithief View Post
    Probably depends on the success of Funcom's next game.
    We'll see tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beornin View Post
    We'll see tomorrow.
    They're off to a good start, from what I see on Steam, first few pages are filled with launch issues.

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    its got titties and minge, thats like 10% retainment of retarded players which is still a nice income

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    I predicted years ago that some classes would be nerfed into the ground and some would be gods. That's what happens when you change 2475346249242342 things you don't understand at the same time.

    I recommended the finetuning approach back then. They didn't listen ofc. Now 90 years later it's still just lolworthy when you enter BS and it has a bunch of agents or nt's or whatever. Only difference is that now melee is completely useless except for keep which helps with the pull nano.

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