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Thread: Winter Celebrations 2016: Dec 20 - Jan 9

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    Funcom employee Winter Celebrations 2016: Dec 20 - Jan 9

    Hello everyone! Here we are at the end of 2016 with 2017 just on the horizon, as we continue on our 16th year of being online!

    Santaleet is Coming to Town
    Santaleet, Gingerleet, the gift-wrapped leet, and all of the winter-themed creatures shall be returning to Rubi-Ka from December 20, 2016 to January 9th, 2017.


    Santaleet is back in the major cities on Rubi-Ka and will as usual hand out missions to help his Elfleets, so that they once again can bring happiness to the leets and citizens of Rubi-Ka. You will have to man up to face the alien forces that has infested Santaleet's workshop, and among them the terrifying alien fleet commander Grin'Cha.

    The Elfleets have worked hard this year and created many of the previous years’ holiday content. By hunting down the winter leets in the major cities of Rubi-Ka, you will be able to take their gifts for yourself.

    Gift-Wrapped Leet

    The Gift wrapped leet has been too greedy and stolen shiny stuff from Santaleet again. He will be hiding under a Christmas tree in Borealis, and it will be your task to help him clean up this mess so that he can celebrate the "Wintar holidals" like all the other leets.


    The adorably delicious Gingerleet returned to Rubi-Ka and is hiding from all the hungry people who would like to eat her. Drop by Stret West Bank if you would like to ask her for a snowball lantern or perhaps a gingerbread yutto tent. With a little assurance that you won't eat her, you might become her friend.

    Father Time

    Returning to wander around Rubi-Ka is Father Time. His exact motivations for visiting Rubi-Ka are unclear, but he seems to be searching for something. He will turn up in various places all over the surface of Rubi-Ka - Track him down and collect a unique memento from that encounter.

    Item Shop Updates

    With the 18.8.18 update, heralding the start of this year's winter celebrations, we will be launching an updated Item Store. The shop will have a new appearance, layout, and feature a host of new items, as well as an updated set of prices. The goal of this was to make the offerings of the shop more accessible to those who care to utilize the shop, while pruning out/consolidating objects which are mostly ignored. We hope this will overall improve your shopping experience.

    Items sold via the Item Shop, going forward, have been changed to be NoDrop with this update.

    As with past events, we will be offering some free items to be claimed when you log in. Simply hop on and grab the yearly Nophex Printer (for Subscribers) and Vacuum Packed Santa Bag for, free for everyone.

    The latest Membership Reward item will now be claimable for those eligible. Early in the new year, we shall infuse accounts with some more legacy Veteran Points, so that they can obtain some of the newer items placed within the ol' Veteran Shop.

    Steam Release

    Anarchy Online is ready for its release on Steam. It's only a matter of hitting a final button before it is available for everyone to start downloading and playing. At this point, we are just waiting for the final blessing of a few individuals before we can go ahead with the launch.

    If we don't fire it off in these final days of 2016, it will be how we start 2017.

    Happy Holidays

    Thank you everyone for your contributions to AO over the past year. We wish all of you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!
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    Due to some unforeseen technical issues, the rollout of the new shop will be delayed. Sorry for the confusion.
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
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    The new shop is now live!
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