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Thread: [Clan] Spartans is recruiting again

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    [Clan] Spartans is recruiting

    Looking for a small and dedicated organisation where you can develop your characters and be guided by veteran players or discuss the finer mechanical points of PvP or PvM? Tired of rolling for loot in random raid groups and taking a long time to gear up?

    Spartans has re-opened recruitment and is currently looking for players of all professions. To fit in you should:
    • have a sense of humour
    • be independent
    • willing to take initiative
    • be active in either European or US time zones

    If you are new to the game you should know that the organisation has traditionally been end-game only. This means that you should preferably be in the 200+ level range, but that is not to say that people of lesser level ranges are not welcome. However, focus will be on moving you to end game as fast as possible, while learning as much as you can in the process.

    You may apply by simply sending a message to me through this forum or by giving me a tell or mail in-game on either Avari, Araghos or Shishido. You will receive an invite as soon as you are ready to join and the first 30 days will work as a kind of trial period. Unless you turn out to be a complete ******* that's pretty much all there is to it

    If you are in US time zone and cannot reach me you can send a tell to Trillium, Trillicrat or Insense8.

    • Expect members to be helpful but not to drop everything they are doing to immediately help you
    • Raids run when people need something, so you create your own activity by simply speaking up about what you would like to do
    • Be nice to other people. We are here to have fun and joke around.

    Obligatory listing of org ressources:
    • Large city for everyone's use
    • Org mules with buffing gear
    • The occasional tower field
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    Some of us are making new characters these days, and will be equipping them, so it's a great time to join!
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