Happy Halloween!

Despite some of the Pumpkin-Heads and Leets sneaking out a little early, today's patch will mark the start of the 2016 Halloween celebration. After today's update, speak to either Draculeet or Frankenleet to obtain a new mission to explore an abandoned research facility, deep under the Uturn Forest. This will be a single-player instance that will scale to the level of the player. Rewards include some new seasonal social loot, some beneficial buffing items, as well as adding a new source of previously exclusive gear. Best of luck when exploring this forgotten facility!

This year's Halloween shall run until November 7th - Enjoy!

Anarchy Online on Steam: Coming Soon

Coinciding with the release of today's update, 18.8.16, we are preparing to launch on Steam. There is still some preparation work, but this version is the first one we hope to offer on Steam, which is something we hope to be able to turn on soon. We will be sending out more news on this as we get closer to this big day.