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Thread: Tweak to soldier reflects

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    Tweak to soldier reflects

    General idea here is higher static reflects, avoiding the ams hole and shorter (time wise) higher reflect AMS that scales down on reflect with time.
    This would ofc scale like it does today on general auras and tms/ams.

    There are a few things that could be tweaked to make it more fun and also to avoid the "reflect hole" when ams goes down.
    This would apply to the regular aura so stacking up on reflects from gear would do no good.

    1) Instead of making gear stack up on reflect simply SET it to a fixed amount that gear can't add to, this as to create less cookie cutter setups as reflects bracers, soldier back etc.

    2) make AMS last a shorter time but SET the reflect to 100% for X sec, then it decreases to 90% for X sec and so on until it runs out and the aura takes over, i hope it can be coded so that when ams goes down the aura is still there and avoids the hole, if not this post is pretty much a waste of time

    With that change in mind raising the "base" reflect to 50-60% would be good, this would also help a little with engi NSD. (witch is a topic by itself, might want to turn it down from -48 to -30 or there abouts)
    This would also create more unique soldier setups where you're not forced to wear OFAB Soldier Protective Gear and reflect bracers to tweak out max reflects.

    Changes and numbers in mind are based on top nanos, everything needs to be scaled, but that's a job for the developer to figure out and for us to test later on
    The amounts the aura gives to members of team should prolly stay as it is, it seems fine overall.

    Thoughts? I'm i missing something vital?
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    sounds like a decent idea, but the issue is I don't think the devs take any type of suggestions into consideration. I admit a soldier vs engi have 0% chance to win. your idea would give solds a fighting chance at least.
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    All i can do is suggest, we'll see if Michi listens
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    Id like a throw back to vanilla ao TMS. while (TMS is active) if you get hit for 1000 dmg. return 750 dmg back to attacker;

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    make TMS/AMS like blademail.

    /dota2 off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKnuckleSamwich View Post
    make TMS/AMS like blademail.

    /dota2 off.
    Seems like it return damage done to you, yeah that would be funny
    While ams is 100% it could do that, i'de laugh at that and perhaps ppl would learn to start checking the other players ncu as well

    sidenote, smilies seems to be broken in the forums now... :\ (no pictures)
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    I've been saying for a long time that I would appreciate AMS being a stable high level reflect aura.

    By high-level I mean I would like it to be higher then Pre-Nul etc but less then AMS whilst lasting a longer period of time.
    A hybrid between Pre-Nullity Field and Augmented Mirror Shield MK V.
    In fact it could work all the way down:
    AMSV-Pre-Nullity Field
    AMSIV-Adaptive Resonance Field
    AMSIII-Reactive Resonance Field
    AMSII-Harmonizing Resonance Field
    AMSI-Empowered Reactive Reflective Field

    AMSV/Pre-Nullity Field Combination
    Nano Cost: 2100 (2500)NCU cost: 75
    School: Prot
    Stacking Order: 370
    Nanoline: Reflect Shield/Total Mirror Shield
    Duration: 02:00:00
    Range: 1m
    Speed: Attack 0.25s
    On Self:
    Modify ReflectPoisonAC 55
    Modify ReflectFireAC 55
    Modify ReflectColdAC 55
    Modify ReflectRadiationAC 55
    Modify ReflectChemicalAC 55
    Modify ReflectEnergyAC 55
    Modify ReflectMeleeAC 55
    Modify ReflectProjectileAC 55
    Modify MaxReflectedPoisonDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedMeleeDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedEnergyDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedChemicalDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedRadiationDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedColdDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedFireDmg 200
    Modify MaxReflectedProjectileDmg 200
    Healing Efficiency 10%
    Heal Reactivity 10%
    Resist Nano: 10% Snare
    Resist Nano: 10% Root

    W/ better heal perks or better nano heals or reflect perks in general - then soldier has better survival at all times instead of just dying after 1:20.

    When they made the changes to soldiers the only thing they did that we asked for was get rid of AMS NSD.
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