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Thread: Change of direction in Omni-Mining: Director Krumova returns

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    Change of direction in Omni-Mining: Director Krumova returns

    Dimitar Krumova has assumed the leadership of Omni-Mining [IC]. He has previously worked as the director of the same department, but has spent recent years elsewhere.

    "It is good to be back and I really appreciate this chance to work with the department once again. I'm especially grateful for the previous Director, Keanne, who has... directed the department so splendidly after my... sudden departure several years ago" Director Krumova says.

    Keanne, the previous Director of Omni-Mining [IC], did not wish to comment the issue.

    in pictures: Director Krumova outside the Omni-Mining HQ in Clon****

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    I would to cordially congratulate Director Krumova on his new appointment. Omni-Mining is certainly an important part of our service on Rubi-Ka and a fresh take in leadership may lead to greater corporate successes in the future.

    I wish you good luck, Director.

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    A warm welcome back indeed, Director Krumova. I hope to find you at the next Omni-Tek Committee Meeting.
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