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Thread: The Imbalance.

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    The Imbalance.

    Hello everyone, I've been putting off making this topic for far too long, today we will talk about the Imbalance issues that exist in AO [The 'Item Shop' & 'Subscription Based Items']

    First I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post.
    Now onto the issues at hand:

    Anarchy Online is obviously one of, if not the most unique MMORPG available to date.
    In the past there have been items removed from the game, yet some players still hold the old items in their inventory or wear windows.
    However that is not what we are here to discuss today.

    As stated above this post is about The Item Shop, and Subscription Based Items.
    Simply put, giving items *purely* through subscriptions is *not okay*.
    It is time we treat Anarchy Online as the makers dreamed - something inside whispers to me that they would not approve of this method of item obtaining.

    So what is the solution to this problem? It is actually quite simple, and would not take much of the Dev Team's time or energy to create the results.

    The solution: Upon release of subscription based items (for example the newly released Silencer's Armor set) allow for a clone version of the item(s) to be purchased through The Item Shop for whatever FC point price that seems fair. (My interpretation: 20-30$ for full set)

    This is the outline.

    Sidenotes: Should the subscription items have a requirement of expansions, or should they also be able to be purchased by fr00bs who want to support AO through FC points but not subscribe? [I think it would be just fine if fr00bs could purchase and equip 'Subscription Based Items' such as the Silencer Armor Set.]
    (I am not saying fr00bs should be able to equip perennium weapons or anything like that - but if they can buy and equip the Parasite Helmet, they should also be able to equip these newer 'Subscription Based Item' armor sets like Luxury, Parasite, and now Silencer)

    I feel I have a very good grasp on balance in general inside games.
    So please Dev team, hear this and take action. I know I am not wrong, this is what needs to be done in Anarchy Online.

    ~Signing off (for good, until this is fixed/implemented): Zaii, level 60 Shade.

    *For those of you who play AO purely for fun, leveling, etc.. Enjoy AO, it is a great game and deserves support. But for others like myself who take the game to it's very limits, I ask you to recognize this issue and speak/act.

    ** ((2-4 Major offers are offered each year, Halloween, Anniversary, Christmas, and Valentines Day. If each event offers imbalanced (better than other alternatives or different/better) items, that is 4 major events per year creating imbalance issues in-game. Let's say each of these events offer a very good item for the 12 month subscription, to stay 'on top' you must purchase 4 years of gameplay per 1 year of AO. I'm not saying AO is going to shut down, but *if* it did, we would not be refunded these 'extra years' of subscription we purchased just to stay on top with items. It's unfair and frankly just a rude way to treat your playerbase. Add subscription based items to Item Store as an alternative way to obtain the items offered in the subscription 'bonus' offers. These items are intended to be a bonus when subscribing, so if the player saves 20-30$ plus gets free bonus gametime - that is still a great incentive to purchase the subscription. But for those who A: Are not around during the event ~ Or B: Do not have the 100$ to spend to subscribe for 12 months during the offer in order to receive said 'different/better' item, this is the only way to rebuild the trust and respect of these players. Again thank you for taking the time to read about this issue and the solution.))
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    Very good point and idea. Good for the players and good for FCs wallet! +1 for this

    Also Zaii <3
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    Good idea. I approve.
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    So now that inspect toggle is disabled you quit right zaii?

    I always knew you were a sploiter
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    Zaii was never sploited.
    I took pride in my equipping abilities.
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