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Thread: Monthly Development Update - April 2016 (Let's Talk)

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    Hm, wherefore art though monthly newsletter? Guess I got used to the early ones

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    Maybe they are scared of bieng flamed, so heres the monthly updates: were working on new engine and it will be going live hopefully within the next 10 years so dont go dying, and we plan to add ao to steam
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophiuchus View Post
    Hm, wherefore art though monthly newsletter? Guess I got used to the early ones
    I got used to the weekly ones.

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    *hopes for lux armor sub offer*
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    Hmm, did michi ragequit or what's up
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanoforcer View Post
    Hmm, did michi ragequit or what's up

    By now you should know what is happening.

    Monthly updates become less and less "monthly" until they stop and then after a month or two there is a "dear john".

    At the same time another enthusiastic noob dev will come to save the day.

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    the history repeats.
    new dev jumps in listens to the community for a few mounths and does some changes, and after that its nothing.
    this happend with absolutly evry dev we had, they do 1 ''big thing'' and they stop.
    the balance was good, but it should be follow up the mounths after with adjustments... this balance became a joke insted when we see the end result. the community has spoken allot about the topic and this currents dev ''big change to please us'' now how long will it take before we get a new one to try please us?
    i wish evry current dev we had could completed the task they started on for once, this game has so much potensial if the company could complete a task before they jump on 10 new ones before the main task has been completed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanoforcer View Post
    Hmm, did michi ragequit or what's up
    Maybe he forgot to grace his account?
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    Too busy working Conan exiles I expect.
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    There was a time when I thought that Michi would do some good for AO...
    Now I see that he is in the same league as Lindelu and Genele
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    More like "Let's Talk, but only every month or so and don't hold me to it".

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    There's no need for that at all.
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    I'm sure the wonderful and overwhelmingly positive support from the community helps get through the mostly love driven job of working as a GD in AO.
    Michizure is love, Michizure is life.
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    <Lazy> Dywas, i'd go gay for aiken. no lie

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    I can hardly wait for the anniversary !
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    Quote Originally Posted by PigBrother View Post
    I can hardly wait for the anniversary !

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