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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Services & Offers - UPDATED

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    Funcom employee Upcoming Changes to Services & Offers - UPDATED

    Hey all!

    With the changes coming up to the Membership Rewards and Veteran Point system, some account services are changing. There’s some important points we would like to share with you, effective as of 1:00 PM EDT April 13, 2016:
    • New Veteran Accounts may no longer be created.
    • Accounts may no longer be merged.

    As of April 18th, the Character Transfer service is back online.

    We are also implementing a new offer that essentially combines the All Expansions upgrade with the first purchase of Membership when going from a Froob account! This should help streamline the process for newer players and veterans alike, and eliminates situations where a Froob can buy membership without getting the expansions first!

    Thanks for your attention, folks! If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me, or contact customer support at

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