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Thread: Baron Skullfaccia

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    Baron Skullfaccia

    In the back of the Mutant Hideout in the Reck, hidden behind a rock, is a skeleton named Baron Skullfaccia. He has a blue name and can't be attacked, which makes me think he's a quest NPC. He won't talk with my level 146 MA though.
    Has anyone else been able to talk with him, or found another reference to him?

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    Omg, a secret! Ill go try to get some exchange with him.
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Baron Skullfaccia: I have nothing to say to you. 106 trader here (froob), keep the info rolling
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    will check this out on my 220 just to see and post back
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    to be fair, 2.8k ar is enough to perk anyone except fixers, mas, advs, shades, nt's that blinded you, shield mps, bow mps that landed dazzle, def docs, crats, or marinesold

    so all in all it's a fairly viable setup

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    Doesn't talk and can't be attacked. Anyone gotten anywhere with this guy?

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    Nah, was hoping to figure out this mystery a couple of months back and got nowhere.

    Things I tried:
    - Initiated chat w/ characters of various lvls, in and outside appropriate Reck range. (50/100/165/170/220, to be exact)
    - Initiated chat separately w/ omni and neutral chars of appropriate Reck lvl. (no clan chars to test with)
    - Initiated chat w/ members of mixed sided team, and same sided teams.
    - Completed all possible Reck dailies prior to chat on both Omni and Neut chars, to no effect.
    - Scanned zone via yalm in its entirety checking for other undiscovered NPC's etc, as the current Reck guides are severely lacking info. Nothing much of interest found, with the exception of some odd landmarks.
    - Tested paid and froob but no difference.

    Untested ponderings that likely hold no water:
    - Equip numerous Reck-based items prior to chat.
    - Initiate chat after killing certain boss or bosses.

    Hopefully this will help narrow things down, if nothing else. I tend to think it's a dead end, but maybe I'm jaded still from the CoH chests lol. Wish everyone the best of luck figuring it out though!
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