Hello everyone! Starting today until February 23rd, love will be returning to Rubi-Ka as the Valentine's Day celebrations have returned.

Free Items & Seasonal Shop Updates

Log in any time during that time to claim your free Valentine's Day-themed items from the item shop. Everyone will be able to claim some gifts and treats to share with yourself or others, while Subscribers will additionally be able to claim 1 free Nophex 3D Printer: Love Edition.

Valentine's Day Content

Adrienne Lefebvre and Qi Qiao Jie have returned to Rubi-Ka to help spread peace and love. Adrienne will direct you towards citizens of Rubi-Ka who need help either saving their lovelife, or recovering from it. Qi Qiao Jie will be around again to sell its usual suite of sweets and treats for loved ones.

Thank you all and enjoy the festivities!