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Thread: The Reck

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    The Reck

    "" The main goal of this playfield is to offer a new region of camps and encounters to help characters leveling through title levels 4 and 5. Daily missions within this playfield are only available to characters levels 90 through 170. Despite the intended level range, and enforced mission level range, however, the playfield will be accessible to all players. Tir and Omni-1 Trade both house the entrances to this new region. ""

    A few questions ...

    Are these Daily missions pulled from inside The Reck, I assume from one of the commanders mentioned ... with their own timer, or same timer as the Freelance missions? IE can you pull one of each on daily basis?

    The description of the Factory sounds like clan vs Omni ... What is the pvp gas percentage within The Reck? Will various mission activities "flag" players?

    The camps with bosses that drop unique items I assume will be "camped" by 220's ... Are the camps an instance? Or, just "open air"? Are the new unique items also Nodrop? (It is easy to loot multiple unique items with a portable GMI.)

    Lastly, before I patch-up my Test Live ... which engine is on Test-Live?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    Lastly, before I patch-up my Test Live ... which engine is on Test-Live?

    You can log in with either engine installed on your system, the same as live.
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    Hope for answers on those too, 220s camping in a 90+ playfield is very bad and hope it's avoided, a non hardcore pvp area with mostly casual pvp amongst leveling toons would be nice no need for another battlestation. My thoughts anyhow

    Very much looking forward to this area will make a nice change for this level of toon

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    I have a 100 froob engi gimp ready for action... Bring The Reck to Live plox.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Well I patched my Test Live today to check out The Reck.

    How can we possibly test an area when there isn't even a map to figure out where you are?

    I couldn't find any place that might give out the daily missions, or locate anything in the area. I came in the Omni Trade entrance and all I saw were guards walking around. I went out into the zone and wondered/flew around to find nothing but some random mobs. Many spots had mobs in the approx. level 40 range clustered with mobs at 150+.

    At the current condition all I can test is that The Reck is in fact a large playfield. I could not find any significant landmarks or NPC's.


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    Michi seems to be working on the map see here

    There is an omni mission giving NPC on the platform near MEGS (the slayer) where the omni whompah drops you in. The missions are waypointed so that makes them findable even in the absence of the updated planet map.

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    This is what you do:Take the picture of the pf that was posted by Michi on screen 2 and play the game on screen 1 and navigate with the minimap, undock it and enlarge it.This will have to do until some brave soul updates the regular maps, await that moment as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auct View Post
    Michi seems to be working on the map see here

    There is an omni mission giving NPC on the platform near MEGS (the slayer) where the omni whompah drops you in. The missions are waypointed so that makes them findable even in the absence of the updated planet map.

    I found the Omni npc and pulled three of the daily's. I was solo, neutral lvl 110 ... the first mission I did just fine, the others would be better as a team or a pet that can keep agro. I also found the Clan npc ... he was willing to give me two more daily's for a total of 5. I did not pull the 6th one from either, sounded like a pvp mission. All had a 18 hr cool-down. The collect the missing rifles did not spawn anything to return, but returning gave me the xp reward anyways. These daily's did not lock me out of any of the current daily's and each one I completed gave a mission reward a little higher than a "tower tag" or first part of mantis cave.

    I did not find any of the Dyna's with the "new" loot ... just monster parts.


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    It would be fun to know how much xp a golem gives vs a heck of about the same level, any1 care to test?
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    Mrpopo, Adventurer Level 153(test)
    9% xp in gear

    Bog Golem Level: 168
    You received 122102 xp.
    12489 xp was gained as a side bonus!

    Bog Golem Level: 141
    You received 57022 xp.
    5832 xp was gained as a side bonus!

    Solo so its nothing amazing, borgs are better purely due to more of them in PW than Golems in Reck
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    seems like typical RK xp, need to be increased by 100% at least.

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    Dragonclaw Knight Level: 186
    You received 174455 xp.
    17845 xp was gained as a side bonus!

    with 14% reflects, 8k poison ACs and lizard morph I was getting hit for 700-800s still from a 186 mob jeez.

    Hopeless Island could be a alright leveling place if the HP was lowered on 200+ mobs and maybe slightly faster spawns otherwise I cant see anyone touching the mobs there(besides "Abandoned Hope")

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    Hmm that's slightly disappointing, so outdoors hunting is still better done in sl at that level :\
    Haven't done any mish there, that might be a different story.
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    The exp from the level 168 Gog Golem with a level 153 player looks to be about the same as a level 180ish Ely Heck. I know my level 150 gets around 100-110k from an Ely Heck.

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    Where are these Bog Golems?


    If we are talking xp gain, perhaps the Daily missions should be more than 22% of a regular daily ... granted 22% is better than 20%.

    However, I would suggest that it takes much longer to do the 5 Reck Daily missions than it takes to do a "regular" 5 part elite daily ...

    Sooo ... if The Reck is supposed to noticeably improve leveling for 90 - 170 toons then the Reck daily rewards should be closer to 30% of a "regular" daily ... imo.


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    pls make this place OP. stop worrying about making it just an alternative. make it BETTER.

    new inferno missions are better in every way EXCEPT what the main objective of a inferno mission is supposed to provide. EXP.
    Michi u have popularity on your side. We will shut down the crybabies that cling to nostalgia, trust us. Make STRONG changes that will benefit the future of this game please.

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    Tried it out with a couple at level toons this morning. It seems well balanced for its target range. Some fairly easy for a 150, some rather difficult for that level, and a few not possible without a team. That, to me, is a very good balance. Unfortunately every mission area was overpopulated by 220 toons with at size in tow. The war chief mission had 11 220s when I was there. So this looks like another area that will not be worth playing at level. Just like far too many others where oversized toons ruin the experience for everyone else.

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    fix typo of Reck to "wReck"? ^_=
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    I see The Reck is now on Live servers ...

    It only took 220's with alt in tow an hour at most to already ruin the playfield daily missions for the intended level toons.

    Please restrict The Reck to no higher than 170 level toons ... maybe up to 189 ... IE restrict to title 5 at the max.

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