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    Funcom employee Welcome to The Reck

    Welcome to The Reck

    Today marks the opening of a new region on Rubi-Ka: The Reck. Here is a brief preview of what awaits!

    The main goal of this playfield is to offer a new region of camps and encounters to help characters leveling through title levels 4 and 5. Daily missions within this playfield are only available to characters levels 90 through 170. Despite the intended level range, and mission requirements, however, the playfield will be accessible to everyone! Tir and Omni-1 Trade both house the entrances to this new region.

    Places of Interest
    The final Omni-Tek outpost between The Reck and Rome. Entering The Reck from Omni-1 Trade will send players to this location, in the north eastern corner of the region. A heavily fortified forward-operating base with some of the luxuries of Rome. Sergeant Major Sovic is the commanding officer of this installation and will not see it fall to any opposing force.

    "Unicorn" Peninsula
    Hidden deep within a swampy region, sitting on top of a malformed peninsula piercing the Sea of Home, a small band of Sentinels have erected an entrance into The Reck. Led by Field Commander Tettle, this group of hand-selected Sentinels have spearheaded a minor encampment behind enemy lines. Players who enter The Reck from Tir will arrive in this location.

    The Factory
    A large and imposing facility situated in the heart of The Reck. A contested region, Omni-Tek and the Clans have dispatched forces to claim this area as their own and deal with the unwelcome guests. Both sides are prepared to send in any available forces or volunteers to assist in this endeavor.

    Camps & Loot

    The monster encampments of The Reck hosts a wide array of adversaries, available from roughly level 90 to 220. Some of the missions will direct players towards these camps, but many others will need to be discovered. In addition to the potential experience gains, many of the camps will offer a boss with unique rewards. Finally, several "classic" dyna boss camps are spread over the entirety of the playfield.


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