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Thread: Winter Holidays 2015: December 8th - January 5th

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    Funcom employee Winter Holidays 2015: December 8th - January 5th

    Winter Has Come

    Happy holidays, everyone! Anarchy Online's winter events will be starting December 8th and going until Monday, January 5th. Come join in for the festivities, collect your free gifts, and take advantage of some new membership offers!

    Holiday Offer

    Over the duration of this holiday season, a new set of Membership offers will be available, mostly centered around the new "Dust Brigade Parasite" suit of armor. These will be offered until the end of the holiday event, January 5th, 2016.


    • Buy three months of Membership and receive one month for free, the Dust Brigade Parasite "Life Support System" (Back item), plus a Combat Nano Cans which boosts your XP gain by 50% for four hours.
    • Buy six months of Membership and receive two months for free, plus two Combat Nano Cans, and the Dust Brigade Parasite "Life Support System" (Back item) and "Pauldron" (Shoulder item).
    • Buy twelve months of Membership and receive three months for free, plus four Combat Nano Cans, and the full set of Dust Brigade Parasite armor, except the helmet (Back, Chest, Shoulder, Legs, Arm x2, Gloves, and Boots).

    Itemshop News


    Come celebrate the holidays with 12 Days of Deals!! Every day from December 14 through December 25th, there will be a special deal on one top-selling item in the Item Store.

    Each deal is only available for one day, so don’t miss out! Make sure you follow @Funcom_Anarchy on Twitter to see the daily deal, or log in to the Item Store to check in.

    For the duration of this year's holiday celebration, we will be offering two new items: the "Nophex 3D Printer: Holiday Edition" and the "Nophex 3D Printer: Deluxe Holiday Edition." The normal 3d Printer device will create a single item sure to bring some holiday cheer, while the Deluxe 3D Printer will give an item to all nearby team members!

    The results of these items can be traded until they are right-clicked.

    Active subscriptions will also be given a free "Nophex 3D Printer: Holiday Edition!" Additionally, claim a free Wrapped Present just for logging in!


    Santaleet is back in the major cities on Rubi-Ka and will as usual hand out missions to help his Elfleets, so that they once again can bring happiness to the leets and citizens of Rubi-Ka. You will have to man up to face the alien forces that has infested Santaleet's workshop, and among them the terrifying alien fleet commander Grin'Cha.

    The Elfleets have worked hard this year and created many of the previous years’ holiday content. By hunting down the winter leets in the major cities of Rubi-Ka, you will be able to take their gifts for yourself.

    Gift-Wrapped Leet

    The Gift wrapped leet has been too greedy and stolen shiny stuff from Santaleet again. He will be hiding under a christmas tree in Borealis, and it will be your task to help him clean up this mess so that he can celebrate the "Wintar holidals" like all the other leets.


    The adorably delicious Gingerleet returned to Rubi-Ka and is hiding from all the hungry people who would like to eat her. Drop by Stret West Bank if you would like to ask her for a snowball lantern or perhaps a gingerbread yutto tent. With a little assurance that you won't eat her, you might become her friend.

    Father Time

    Returning to wander around Rubi-Ka is Father Time. His exact motivations for visiting Rubi-Ka are unclear, but he seems to be searching for something. He will turn up in various places all over the surface of Rubi-Ka - Track him down and collect a unique memento from that encounter.

    Father Time is less willing to pass on with this year, and is far better prepared to fight against aggressors. After a year of training, knowing that this fated encounter would happen, he is ready to face the hardened citizens of Rubi-Ka. In addition to learning some new techniques and strategies, engaging in Father Time will temporarily cause you to become PvP Enabled - Approach with caution!

    Father Time has also happened upon some rare treasures, that he will not part with willingly.

    Happy Holidays!

    Once again, happy holidays, everyone! Regardless of what you believe or celebrate, I hope you all have a happy and safe end of 2015, and a great start to 2016!
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    Funcom employee

    We will also be starting the "12 Days of Deals" this Monday, December 14th, as detailed above.
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