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Thread: Hellfyre Magma Suit

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    Hellfyre Magma Suit

    I've searched a bit on this and found conflicting results. Is the Hellfyre Magma Suit ( usable with HHBA and Inferno boots?

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    I threw it on recently just to fool around. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to use AR and Full Auto on an NT, right? She had her own set of red power armor for a little while. It was fun, but in reality not practical.

    Anyway, no... You can't put rings or boots on with it. Only token board and maybe some other oddball items with specific flags.
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    afaik anything wearable with grid armor is wearable with this. so ljotur armor, those hp rings from foremans, tokenboard, some sunglasses and that's about it.

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    Thanks guys.

    it actually looks like you can wear it with:

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