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Thread: Monthly Development Update - October 2015 (2Spooky4Rubi-Ka)

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    They're still pretty pointless with the restrictions they have on who can equip, other than a slightly faster and easier way of getting the base weapon needed to use a WU on than Beast.

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    When I was talking with Michi on Test Server a week ago or so he mentioned that he also wanted these to be use-able before being upgraded but I more or less said they were too weak and WUs are too common.
    Michizure:"What a time to be alive." his response to me heh.

    In the end he said he would take a look at them but his plate is pretty full atm with more balance changes and maybe some Rekt stuff on the side.

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    Would be nice if after 5 years of playing, my main had some new weapon to use... Granted these are better than beast weapons but worse than xan. Opportunity exists, to have these be upgraded to corrupted xan weapons, yielding more max damage, more crit, and require you to sacrifice full def in order to get more damage... Whowza like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Is there any action planed for Black Friday? Sales for FC points or Item Store.
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