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Thread: Nano Crystal (Healing) and General Nano Shop

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    Nano Crystal (Healing) and General Nano Shop

    Nano Crystal (Healing)

    This can no longer be found in the general nano shop. I'm currently trying to roll it with no luck. is there any way of obtaining this nano any more?

    same goes for:
    Nano Crystal (Weapon Enhancement)
    Nano Crystal (Pet Warp)

    What gives? These are essential new-player Nano Crystals. Put em back in the General shop please!

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    any help? I could really use the Healing nano as an engineer. that small amount actually makes a big difference to me.

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    I just checked the shop "Basic Clan General Crystals" in Sup Shop South OA and at least Pet Warp is still there.

    Weapon Enhancement indeed got removed and I guess Healing as well.
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    Okay thanks I'll go check for pet warp... didn't see it last time.

    EDIT: if anyone has the nanocrystal for healing (bought it from the old general shop before the changes and did not upload it), message me. I'll buy it for 5m...
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