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Thread: Monthly Development Update - September 2015 (To the Dark Pyramid Below)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    It wouldn't be hard to add a 'Wearing Nanodeck' to the door...doing such would sort of invalidate the other requirements in most cases, but that may not be a terrible thing.

    If I were to ever make something that'd beacon players to the Temple of Home, it would have stricter requirements, though. Hmmm...

    Edit: Yeah, I'll just go and do that. If you can wear a Nanodeck, you can enter the Temple of Home.
    It should "probably" be stellar nanodeck, to make sure beast has been visited and not just dustbrigade questline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonameadv View Post
    /snip unless ofcourse they took their bat and ball home cos they dont get what they want and are simply needing to let funcom know they are being punished.
    Bingo! Nailed it in one for quite a few of the 'regular' posters on these forums.
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