Patch Date: September 10, 2015

The first of many supplementary patches that'll arrive between larger content releases. The scope of these patches will mostly be bug fixes, targeted balance changes, and some general updates.

Profession Changes:
  • Agent:
    • Sharp Shooter 1 at higher levels will have the correct casting time
    • Night Killer will check for Agent Evade debuffs at all levels
  • NT:
    • Double Nanos: Hits have a 2s delay, added 6s line cooldown
    • Double & Delayed Nukes (Formerly Triples) share a line cooldown
    • Damage-to-Nano shields will no longer stack with Reflect Nanos
    • Nullity Sphere MK I can now be purchased in the ICC Nano shop
    • Double Nanos: The second hit will not pierce reflects
    • Delayed Nukes: Shortened line cooldown to 5s
  • Enf:
    • Mongo's High HP buffing nanos have had level requirements applied
    • Mongo! AoE taunt nanos shouldn't be able to flag players

General Updates:
  • Changed Medi Blade appearances. Again.
  • Lowered cost of items in General Store Nano Crystal Vendors and Pre-Made Implants
  • The exit door from Arete Landing should function more reliably
  • Adjustments made to Collector Chests:
    • Strong, Supple, and Arithmetic viral bots can only drop from Golden Chests
    • Enduring, Observant, and Spiritual viralbots can only drop from Silver Chests
    • Subspace Storage Device components can drop from Silver Chests
  • Bellum Badonis Armor Helmet should sit naturally on all breeds and genders
  • Redeemed and Unredeemed mobs should be less-likely to heal their attack targets
  • Net of Adonis should be equippable now
  • Added Worn ICC Cloaks to ICC armor shop
  • The Informant's Ground Chief Aune will break less often
  • Added MP quest to upgrade starter weapon
  • Recall Beacon items have a 5s activation time