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Thread: Things that shouldn't be

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    Things that shouldn't be

    As he was sipping another drop of coffee while laid back on sofa of his Rome apartment's backyard with engraved number 5, tall atrox with childish face was closing his eyes tired from high noon labor in fields surrounding Rome. Soon as he would close his eyes this image of old man with child would appear to him. The boy was holding a scout's mech figurine but all of a sudden another flash appeared, this time it was trail of Omni-tek shuttle bursting down in flames towards Aegan with all those small robots panicking in fear... What does peaceful old man and child has to do with rebel Clan areas.

    “Sigh, I'm too nervous” he told himself, turned off cyg and stretched his legs to peek at worker's progress on global market interface that's been demolished by some beggar. From time to time, a beggar from Borealis would drop by Rome Blue's basic to get easy credit or two for their dose of Einstein's cocktail, famous problem solver which was nothing but a mix of carbon rock and blood from monster parts. However false cocktail was illegal because of it's side effects. It's users would get odd feeling of superiority and start to trash innocent by passers in Borealis. “Hmm, don't have that luxury, at least, hmm...” he mumbled to his chin. *BEEP, BEEP*, his intercom ringed.

    Hasty man's voice said “Why aren't you answering your intercom, are you OK ?”
    “Yeah I'm fine, wasn't expecting any important calls so I turned silent mode on, did u spend that R-k bank card u found earlier?”
    “No, I still have to buy wife energy chip for her night visor. Beside, we have kid to worry about you know...” his brother exhaled and continued : “While I was fixing holographic interface on bank at Galway County, I spotted OTAF recruiters drafting new people without rising single high tone. What are they up to now Frank?”
    “Why u act edgy so edgy?”
    “Well, I'm not edgy but your a loner bro u don't understand feelings i have like parent and husband, family is at first place”. Atrox tried to apologize but cough up and mumbled “I guess your right. I'll going to take trip to get some groceries and movie to watch”.
    “Ok , btw that classic called somehow 'missing girl...wife' w/e is quite cool”.
    “Oh you mean 'phone girl' I heard of it, have you seen it?”.
    “It was forbidden back in days, men have been petrified that someone else beside them self could have right to control relationships”.
    “Um, I`ll watch it, kinda like girl flicks”.
    They both drift away to silence so Frank quickly said: “Goodbye dude”.

    Frank took off the intercom and comely headed to dress up, locked up apartmant, squized into his yalm and headed to Entertainment`s shops. Vehicle was rusty and he always wished to TLC it with new color but he`d rather wait for it to fail so he can buy that brand new Manta on Nomad`s sale out. I better drive slow, don't want to crash to whompah and attract that vigilant colonel and his squad of apes. Omni Entertainment was his favorite place to shop, plenty of room to park and mostly old population. It was only crowded during arena tournaments. He hated that macho stuff and it would often end up with spectator crashing down the pit and stabbing their pray of choice, while fighters would stay ablaze. Beside, cams were old and picture would look like felon was wearing aura of lightning bolt. But they`re found eventually and end up with more bruises than rotten plum. Saleswoman Terry welcomed him to modest store with brochure of XXX Plumbo beer. “Thank you”, he said, and headed to vegetables section.

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    Things that shouldn't be...

    When he arrived at vegetables section he spotted beer commercial in his hand so just moved along to liquor section. He bought pack of XXX Plumbo beer and small bottle of "good old times whiskey". Commercial display at liquor section was showing agricultural machines spiting off steam rolling across waste plaines. Video was interrupted for brief time with interference from cargo hauler's landing. Craft was followed by law forces on hovercraft's, at least it seemed like that. Still, small window straight across display screen was enough for him to spot VIP person with stripes on his gray suit. Loud noise echoed through his ears when all off window's bars slammed. Confusion was followed by female voice combined together with message on display : " DON'T PANIC, STAY AT YOUR PLACE , THIS IS JUST A TEST " . He knew this is a normal procedure but somehow felt paranoia so did also Terry while checking price on item for a customer. She whispered "You find this odd like me? ". He just nodded affirmatively AND here it was, image of burning shuttle, however this time it stayed in his brain longer than before. Calm down, he encouraged himself and before he realized, store was back to normal. Time to haste back to humble apartment and empty that tri plumbo pack. He smiled at thought off vodka, boozers like me learned to avoid brewing of other mixtures, chemistry my friend, chemistry...

    Beer was cold, still not as air in his living room so he took pair of blankets, switched alarm on for one hour and turned on news. There was nothing worthy to hear like always but blinking hypnotized him together with sugar from xxx bottles. He will dream, maybe...

    ...TO BE CONTINUED ...
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    Unfortunately, he fell to coma and coma ... twice times.
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