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Thread: Weird Looking Nanos - question

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    Question Weird Looking Nanos - question

    Ello all the hunters on the Rubika....

    I got a maybe bit stupid question, but i am kinda getting pissed on it and ofc GM`s cant say anything about it, so maybe you be able to help me with the info i need - and ofc its an old school Weird Looking Nanos hunting thing...just that i am about it - after the newest patch...
    and unf i cant google it or find any info from FC about it...

    And question is :

    Did anybody after new patch found any Weird Looking Nano in SL dungeons ? - and if its even possible now, or can they be bought only with Greedy Shade...who is really Greedy lol...and that's why i always preferred to hunt the nanos alone and for friends, then waste 1b cred / one nano....

    If anyone got any info about it, pls let me answer on the forums here,
    or send me a tell in-game to one of alts :

    Woodyfixer ( level 220/AI30 )
    Wooderman ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodsoldier ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodyadvie ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodycrat ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodydoc ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodyengin ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodyfister ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woo****eper ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodymeta ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodynuker ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodyshade ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodysnipe ( level 220/AI30 )
    Woodytrader ( level 220/AI30 )

    Best regards all !

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    The post is alr nvm ^^

    [Vicinity Loot Messages] Woodytrader looted Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Serene Sky) from Treasure. - yes they still drops then
    Its just a lot rarer then it used to be still ^^

    Best regards all

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    I could have told you that.

    If you'd have left the name if one of your in game alts I would have

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