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Thread: Garden/Sanct/Greedy Shade nanos

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    Garden/Sanct/Greedy Shade nanos

    I have every garden and sanct key and will buy nanos for you for the price of the nano+5m for garden/sanct, price of the nano+10% for greedy shade. Anything above 200m requires payment upfront. It'd take way too long to type everything out, so here's the cost of greedy shade nanos with the 10% rolled in:

    Greedy Shade

    Composite Heavy Artillery - 107.8m
    Fists of the Winter Flame - 107.8m
    Grand Theft Humidity - 107.8m
    Minor Nanobot Defense - 53.9m
    My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend - 53.9m
    Nanobot Defense - 161.7m
    Nanobot Shelter - 53.9m
    Notum Overflow Injector - 53.9m
    Poisoned Wounds - 53.9m
    Simple Viral Agent - 53.9m
    Superior Notum Overflow Injector - 161.7m
    Improved Augmentation Cloud - 107.8m
    Bot Reproduction - 269.5m
    Continuous Reconstruction - 539m
    Improved Cut Red Tape - 539m
    Improved Hasty Augmentation Cloud - 53.9m
    Hearty Constitution - 269.5m
    Improved Instinctive Control - 539m
    Improved Nano Repulsor - 269.5m
    Improved Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud - 269.5m
    Improved Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud - 539m
    Serene Sky - 539m
    Smoke Bomb - 539m
    Soothing Breeze - 53.9m
    Soothing Calm - 539m
    Tranquility of the Vale - 269.5m

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    Well that was short lived. Didn't realize comp lit affected it by that much, especially since I'm always above 2k, but no way I can compete against Eka. Service closed. Nerf traders.

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    Valhall Guardians

    Thapetowner 220 Meta-Physicist
    Hyimoliver 220 Soldier
    Ihatemyself 200 Shade
    Hardcore 200 Adventurer
    Ilovetokill 170 Agent
    Ilovetodrain 150 Trader
    Oxiahe 150 Doctor
    Critterz 150 Martial-Artist
    Awaaa 74 Soldier

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    Why the hell are the Xan reward nanos buyable from Greedy? I mean can we literally make this game easier? Lets just hand players every nano, ever piece of armor and every weapon they MAY need when they hit new TLs and get it OVER WITH!!!

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    Enfraam's Cortex Accelerator

    Enfraam's Glacial Encasement

    Entropy's Advance

    Touch of the Pyre

    Semi-Sentient Predator M-30

    Send them to Seaus-1

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