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Thread: Fixer Nano Restock Special Ammo

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    Fixer Nano Restock Special Ammo

    The 18.7.4 Update Release Notes states that now the Nano should "
    Restock Special Ammo will call down ammo based on the Burst skill of the Fixer"
    I tryed it with my Froob Fixer with 1035 SMG and 884 Burst got ql 130 Homing and ql 130 Cluster Bullets with a 979 SMG/Burst Req for the Homing and a 426 SMG/Burst req for the Cluster Bullets .
    The Homning Bullets are to high in ql 130 to use them ,I could use the Cluster Bullets but the QL is to low with 130 ^^ so the Nano still dont works right.

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    Not sure why it doesn't just check burst of fixer whent he nano is cast, and then summon the QL that requires that amount (or the closest below it)? That's the most logical solution but perhaps there's an issue with implementation?

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    Used this on my 220 fixer and summons ql 300 Cluster Bullets - that requires 3000 burst!

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    Restock ammo

    ... Still not working. My fixer have around 1.2k burst, when i cast nano spawns bullets with 427 burst as req.
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    I saw this and I thought, "wtf happened to my post here?" As it turned out, this is a different thread, because everybody hates this.

    I don't think it's random QL, but the skill check to summon the item and the skill check to use the item that was summoned are definitely different. It's worse for Homing Permorpha Bullets than it is for Cluster Bullets, but it's not balanced to be in any way useful. I covered it here, with some suggestions.
    "Cluster bullets are nice to have. At low levels, it's like having an extra fling shot available.

    Homing Permorpha Bullets, however, are stocked at too high a QL to be used -- the bullets that are spawned have a much higher QL to use them than the nanoprogram requires to spawn them. This could be fixed by changing the requirement curve on Homing Permorpha Bullets so that it takes the same skill as Cluster Bullets, per QL, to use them.

    Easier, partial, less satisfactory fix: Adjust the nanoprogram to spawn lower QL Homing Permorpha Bullets. Though, it would be nonsense to bring these special attack items to attention by integrating them into the new player experience, and then letting them still be junky.

    The requirements to use Homing Permorpha Bullets are the main problem, but there are other things that would be nice:
    - Adjust both Cluster Bullets and Homing Permorpha Bullets so that they do more damage at higher QLs. Otherwise, eventually, they're just cluttering up the hotbar. I'm a fan of having plenty of special attacks to use because it makes the gameplay less q-afk. It would be a shame to see Fixers' special ammo go unused at later levels after you've gone through the effort to integrate this ammo into the new player experience.
    - Both special ammunition types would benefit from a sound effect and a rendered tracer. Nothing about better CB/HPBs (it's such a small thing) would make Fixers overpowered, but sound and graphic effects would make Fixers the COOLEST of the professions. If balance is a huge concern for beefing up Fixers' special ammo, though? Remove the Fixer-only tag on the ammunition (not the nanoprogram).
    - Other balance-fixing ideas: If HPB damage seems too high, decrease it, but give it a chance to proc a damage-over-time effect on target. If damage is still too low, do only the DoT proc, at a higher chance.

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    So, can we pick *one* thread and bump? :P

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