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Thread: List of Nano Buffs Not Yet 4 Hours

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    List of Nano Buffs Not Yet 4 Hours

    The following nanos do not have 4 hour duration as of 18.7.4. Nanos included in the list have existing samples of the same or very similar nano line at 4 hour duration. Mostly used data from directly in-game, where ever I have guessed, I added an unverified tag. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong, please reply or PM me so I can update.


    Armor Buffs
    Minor Wilderness Protection (QL 4)
    Lesser Wilderness Protection (QL 20)
    Wilderness Protection (QL 43)
    Major Wilderness Protection (QL 70)
    Greater Wilderness Protection (QL 96)
    Supreme Wilderness Protection (QL 123) - unverified

    Survival Aid (QL 33)
    Robust Treatment (QL 136)

    Damage Shields
    Frost With Snow (QL 7)
    Jacket of Blades (QL 17)
    Enshroud with Barbs (QL 24)
    Firefly's Fury (QL 30)
    Cloak of Fire (QL 37)
    Sparking Touch (QL 47)
    Porcupine Barrier (QL 53)
    Fiery Wrap (QL 63)
    Skin of the Toad (QL 73)
    Arctic Gale (QL 83)
    Guard of the Grizzly (QL 90)
    Nest of Vipers (QL 99)
    Magma Coating (QL 109)
    Protection of the Storm (QL 116)
    Biting Blades (QL 126)
    Corrosive Barrier (QL 132)
    Fiery Vengeance (QL 136)
    Razor Barrier (QL 139)
    Interlocking Barbs (QL 142)
    Personal Blizzard (QL 149)
    Lightning's Child (QL 152)
    Retaliatory Barrier (QL 159)
    Wings of the Phoenix (QL 162)
    Revenge of the Valkyrie (QL 165) - unverified
    Retribution of the Aesir (QL 169) - unverified

    Morph Auras
    Lycanthropic Dexterity
    Kin of the Tarasque
    Squeaking from the Darkness
    Claws of the Magal
    Boon of the Enigma
    Dragon Scales
    Furry Precision
    Feline Ferocity
    Gift of the Twig
    Lupine Agility


    Executioner Buff
    Training of the Executioner (QL 53)
    Guidance of the Executioner (QL 93)
    Steps of the Executioner (QL 132)
    Path of the Executioner (QL 149)
    Form of the Executioner (QL 179)

    Damage Buffs - Line A
    Minor Nano Augmentation (QL 1)
    Lesser Anatomy Lesson (QL 10)
    Nano Augmentation (QL 24)
    Anatomy Lesson (QL 40)
    Major Nano Augmentation (QL 80)
    Greater Anatomy Lesson (QL 106)

    Agent Proc Buffs
    Blast of Outflanking
    Blast of Rejection
    Blast of Ommitance
    Blast of Circumvention
    Blast of Neglect
    Blast of Avoidance

    Waves of Harm
    Waves of Unsettling
    Waves of Sickening
    Waves of Illness
    Waves of Numbness
    Waves of Jarring
    Waves of Anger

    Unsettling Shock
    Sickening Shock
    Numbing Shock
    Jarring Shock
    Anger Shock


    Authority Figure (QL 43)

    Motivational Speech
    Motivational Speech: Improved Heroic Measures
    Motivational Speech: Heroic Measures
    Motivational Speech: Glorious Leader
    Motivational Speech: Triumphant Pose
    Motivational Speech: Bravery Overcomes
    Motivational Speech: Lead from the Front
    Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus
    Motivational Speech: Opportunity Knocks
    Motivational Speech: Improvise and Adapt
    Motivational Speech: Implement Through Iteration
    Motivational Speech: Organizational Opportunities
    Motivational Speech: Only the Paranoid Will Survive!

    Pet Taunt Buff
    Mud Slinger (QL 44)
    Defamation 101 (QL 130)
    Character Assassin (QL 173)

    Pet Damage Buffs
    Gallant Hero: The Enraged Drone (QL 30)
    Gallant Hero: The Infuriated Minion (QL 52)
    Gallant Hero: The Aggravated Servant (QL 71)
    Gallant Hero: The Indignant Flunky (QL 92)
    Gallant Hero: The Angry Servitor (QL 110)
    Gallant Hero: The Bitter Clerk (QL 131)
    Gallant Hero: The Irate Atache (QL 152)
    Gallant Hero: The Incensed Retainer (QL 173)
    Gallant Hero: The Vengeful Butler (QL 199)


    Enhanced First Aid (QL 14)
    Specialist Treatment (QL 33)
    Superior First Aid (QL 119)

    Strength Buffs
    Enlarge (QL 37)


    Thug's Delight (QL 1)

    Damage Shields
    Avenging Shield (QL 4)
    Bristling Shield (QL 10)
    Field of Sparks (QL 20)
    Glowing Retribution (QL 27)
    Arctic CLoak (QL 37)
    Poison Stingers (QL 47)
    Immolation Shield (QL 63)
    Bristling Guard (QL 73)
    Barbaric Blades (QL 83)
    Lightning Shield (QL 106)
    Toxic Barrier (QL 126)
    Glacial Cloak (QL 132)
    Lick of Fire (QL 136)
    Screen of Blades (QL 139)
    Coruscating Screen (QL 146)

    Taunt Procs


    Crowbar Subtlety (QL 20)
    Philosopher's Stone (QL 53)
    Trap Artifice (QL 73)

    Engineer Auras
    Isochronal Sloughing Assault Shield
    Isochronal Sloughing Defensive Shield
    Isochronal Sloughing Protective Barrier
    Isochronal Sloughing Combat Field
    Improved Isochronal Sloughing Combat Field

    Sympathetic Fortress Screen
    Sympathetic Force Field
    Sympathetic Defensive Screen
    Sympathetic Protective Field
    Sympathetic Shielding Barrier
    Sympathetic Armor Boost
    Sympathetic Entropy Infusion
    Sympathetic Arms Enhancement
    Sympathetic Reactive Cocoon
    Sympathetic Reactive Field
    Sympathetic Harmonic Cocoon
    Sympathetic Harmonic Field
    Sympathetic Plasma Shielding
    Sympathetic Energy Cocoon
    Sympathetic Retaliatory Barrier

    Pet Buffs
    Intrusive Aura of Slave
    Intrusive Aura of the Humble Servant
    Intrusive Aura of Sloth
    Intrusive Aura of Malaise
    Intrusive Aura of Binding
    Intrusive Aura of Entanglement

    Formula 22


    Fixer Suppressor Buff
    Minor Suppressor (QL 1)
    Lesser Suppressor (QL 14)
    Suppressor (QL 33)
    Major Suppressor (QL 73)
    Supreme Suppressor (QL 106)
    Spray With Lead (QL 136)
    Shower With Lead (QL 156)
    Frenzy of Shells (QL 169)

    Damage Buffs - Line A
    Poison Modification (QL 1)
    Lesser Nano Boost (QL 10)
    Contact Poison (QL 27)
    Hasty Augmentation Cloud (QL 43)
    Venom Modification (QL 60)
    Nano Boost (QL 80)
    Lifebane Modification (QL 90)
    Augmentation Cloud (QL 106)
    Greater Nano Boost (QL 136)
    Advanced Augmentation Cloud (QL 142)
    Targeted Augmentation Cloud (QL 149)
    Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud (QL 159)
    Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud (QL 169)


    [u]Keeper Auras[/b]
    Sentinel Ward
    Guardian Ward
    Benevolent Ward

    Barrier of the Resolute
    Barrier of the Veracious
    Barrier of the Devoted
    Barrier of the Staunch
    Barrier of the Loyal

    Imminence of Bloodshed
    Imminence of Warfare
    Imminence of Havoc
    Imminence of Battle
    Imminence of Conflict
    Imminence of Scrimmage

    Vengeance of the Blessed
    Vengeance of the Virtuous
    Vengeance of the Resolute
    Vengeance of the Steadfast
    Vengeance of the Loyal

    Enervate Bindings
    Enervate Shackles
    Enervate Impediments
    Enervate Constraints
    Enervate Bonds

    Ambient Revitalization
    Ambient Amelioration
    Ambient Regeneration
    Ambient Rejuvenation
    Ambient Rehabilitation
    Ambient Alleviation

    Tone of Benevolence
    Tone of Rapport
    Tone of Tranquility
    Tone of Purity
    Tone of Accord

    Keeper Procs
    Venerated Sanctifier
    Glorious Sanctifier
    Exalted Sanctifier
    Honored Sanctifier

    Carnage Reaper
    Havoc Reaper


    Elusive Target (QL 37)
    Fleet Foot (QL 83)

    Strength Buff
    Muscle Stim (QL 20)


    Symbol Helper (QL 10)
    Advanced Symbol Manipulation (QL 93)

    Pet Buffs
    Touch of Poison

    Healthy Manifestation


    Enfraam's Trivial Fortification (QL 14)
    Enfraam's Minor Fortification (QL 24)
    Enfraam's Lesser Fortification (QL 37)
    Enfraam's Fortification (QL 47)
    Enfraam's Superior Fortification (QL 60)
    Enfraam's Major Fortification (QL 80)
    Enfraam's Greater Fortification (QL 93)
    Enfraam's Supreme Fortification (QL 113)
    Enfraam's Glorious Fortification (QL 140)
    Enfraam's Augmented Fortification (QL 156)
    Enfraam's Perfected Fortification (QL 166)
    Izgimmer's Mockery (QL 182)

    Dark Movement (QL 90)
    Improved Dark Movement

    Living Codex of Izgrimmer
    Enfraam's Toolkit


    Voice of the Banshee
    Touch of the Specter
    Hand of the Shadow
    Kick of the Phantom
    Knock of the Poltergeist
    Slap of the Zombie

    Double Fence
    Twice the Shield
    Double Cover
    Dual Defender

    Master Piercer
    Probe of Death
    Piercing Gash
    Piercing Tooth
    Sharpen Dagger
    Whetstone Effect

    Shade Proc Buffs
    Sacrificial Caress
    Sacrificial Grasp
    Sacrificial Blow
    Sacrificial Touch
    Ritualistic Embrace
    Ritualistic Caress
    Ritualistic Grasp
    Ritualistic Blow
    Ritualistic Touch

    Quintessence of Paralyzation
    Quintessence of Incapacitation

    Elemental Dissipation
    Intrinsic Dissipation
    Primitive Dissipation
    Rudimentary Dissipation


    Armor Buffs
    Minor Combat Barrier (QL 4)
    Minor Absorption Shield (QL 14)
    Lesser Combat Barrier (QL 20)
    Lesser Absorption Shield (QL 37)
    Combat Barrier (QL 50)
    Absorption Shield (QL 66)
    Superior Combat Barrier (QL 83)
    Superior Absorption Shield (QL 99)
    Advanced Combat Barrier (QL 119)
    Advanced Absorption Shield (QL 132)
    Perfected Combat Barrier (QL 139)
    Perfected Absorption Shield (QL 142)
    Heavy Assault Combat Barrier (QL 152)
    Heavy Assault Absorption Shield (QL 159)

    Damage Buffs - Line A
    Damage Multiplier (QL 7)
    Persistent Damage Multiplier (QL 17)
    Damage Amplifier (QL 40)
    Persistent Damage Amplifier (QL 57)
    Helepolis of the Besieger (QL 139)

    Initiative Buffs
    Quickshot (QL 17)
    Attack Booster (QL 27)
    Offensive Steamroller (QL 156)

    Weapon Buffs
    Rifle Mastery (QL 37)

    A Seargeant's Knowledge (QL 30)
    Assault Rifle Mastery (QL 50)

    Laser Surgery (QL 33)
    Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery (QL 63)
    Improved Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery

    Swiss Cheese
    Crowd Disperser

    Artillery Fire
    Canonry Fire
    Battery Fire

    Total Focus (QL 136)
    Improved Total Focus

    Weapon Special Buffs
    Metal Stream (QL 31)
    Metal Rain (QL 56)
    Hail of Metal (QL 80)
    Metal Storm (QL 106)
    Metal Strike (QL 140)
    Metal Barrage (QL 170)
    Soldier Clip Junkie (QL 200)

    Power Volley (QL 38)
    Power Burst (QL 64)
    Power of Three (QL 88)
    Riot Control (QL 126)

    Soldier Reflect Auras
    Adaptive Resonance Field
    Reactive Resonance Field
    Harmonizing Resonance Field
    Empowered Reactive Reflective Field
    Empowered Major Reflective Field
    Empowered Greater Reflective Field
    Empowered Reflective Field
    Empowered Lesser Reflective Field
    Empowered Minor Reflective Field
    Empowered Partial Reflective Field
    Empowered Reactive Deflection Field
    Empowered Major Deflection Field
    Empowered Greater Deflection Field
    Empowered Deflection Field
    Empowered Lesser Deflection Field
    Empowered Minor Deflection Field
    Empowered Partial Deflection Field


    Apprentice: Electrical Engineering (QL 24)
    Apprentice: Field Quantum Physics (QL 27)
    Apprentice: Mechanical Engineering (QL 30)
    Apprentice: Pharmaceuticals (QL 33)
    Apprentice: Weapon Smithing (QL 33)
    Journeyman: Electrical Engineering (QL 80)
    Journeyman: Field Quantum Physics (QL 80)
    Journeyman: Mechanical Engineer (QL 83)
    Journeyman: Pharmaceutical (QL 86)
    Journeyman: Weapon Smithing (QL 86)
    Maestro: Electrical Engineering (QL 152)
    Maestro: Field Quantum Physics (QL 152)
    Maestro: Mechanical Engineering (QL 152)
    Maestro: Pharmaceutical (QL 156)
    Maestro: Weapon Smithing (QL 156)

    Quantum Uncertainty (QL 139)

    Damage Buffs - Line C
    Balanced Striker (QL 7)
    Fine Tuning (QL 126)
    Relentless Slayer (QL 159)
    Unstoppable Killer

    Hired Hands (QL 30)
    Riding Shotgun (QL 80)
    Guard Convoy (QL 149)


    Damage Buffs - Line A
    Weapon Enhancement

    Buffs Players Would Like to See Made 4 Hours

    "Software Hacking" pet buff line

    "NF Range Buff" line
    "NP Cost Buff" line
    "Nano Over Time - Line A" line

    Trading Mogul
    Bulk Trader
    Frequent Customer

    UPDATE (24 Sept): Made 4 hr in 18.8.5

    Adv: Poisonous Bite
    Bur: Gunslinger line
    Doc: Iron Circle
    Eng: Armor buff line, Damage buffs line, Damage Shield line, Trade Skill buff lines, Extreme Prejudice, Initiative buff line
    Fix: Run Speed / Evasion buff line / Long HoT line
    MA: Armor buff line, Damage buff line, Initiative buff line, Bow buff line, Lesser Controlled Rage, MA Mastery, Return Attack, Velocity, Limbo Mastery
    Sha: Shadow in the Night, Faster than Your Shadow

    If there are other nanos on this list that have been updated, please reply with the details and we'll get the list updated.
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    Are they suppose to have 4h duration?
    Valhall Guardians

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    Hyimoliver 220 Soldier
    Ihatemyself 200 Shade
    Hardcore 200 Adventurer
    Ilovetokill 170 Agent
    Ilovetodrain 150 Trader
    Oxiahe 150 Doctor
    Critterz 150 Martial-Artist
    Awaaa 74 Soldier

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    Can verify these are not.

    Character Assassin (QL 173) - 1hr 30 mins
    Gallant Hero: The Vengeful Butler (QL 199) - 30 mins

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    List'em and perhaps Michi will consider them.

    Shadow in the Night 1h
    Faster than your Shadow 2h
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Augmented Mirror Shield MK V - could use 4h also!

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    For consideration. I would like to see other artillery profs have access to FG and ES the same way NS is now a shared buff. Consider trader/engie also need NS. Lesser predator target other as well with level lock maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliveerz View Post
    Are they suppose to have 4h duration?
    No. Personally I don't think so..

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    Corporate Strategy - 10 mins


    Anima of Xxxxx - 4 hours

    Both in the Pet Short Term Buff line.
    Just because Funcom keeps shoving more and more Bureaucrat nanocrystals into OFAB vendors doesn't mean they're not used for PvM. !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliveerz View Post
    Are they suppose to have 4h duration?
    Is there a reason they shouldn't?
    I am wiser than any god or scientist, for I have squared the circle and cubed Earth's sphere, thus I have created 4 simultaneous separate 24 hour days within a 4-corner (as in a 4-corner classroom) rotation of Earth. See for yourself the absolute proof.

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    Intrusive Aura of Slave 2h
    Advanced Software Hacking Shielding 10m
    Entropy Weapon 35m40s (helloooo, what did guy smoke?)
    Formula 22 2h
    Sympathetic Entropy Infusion 1h
    Isochronal Sloughing Assault Shield 2h
    Improved Isochronal Sloughing Combat Field 1h
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Numbing Shock 2h
    waves of illness 2h

    (all procs likely)
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Are we aware of any proc-adding buffs that are 4 hr? I'll add a section later for buffs the community would like to see expanded that don't have a member in the same nanoline already at 4 hrs. Similar thing to Sloughing and Aura buffs (though if the new Adventurer morph aura's are 4 hr, that establishes the same precedence I used to compile the original list). Certainly no apparent reason for any general use buff not to be 4 hr in current game direction.

    So in short, we're looking at Proc-adding nanos (Waves of Illness), Auras (Sympathetic buff line, Motivational Speech), and certain more unique lines (Sloughing Assault Shield).

    I'll update tonight or tomorrow when I can focus enough time to go profession by profession on AOItems to capture the entire nanoline.

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    shade and keeper procs are 4h
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    all of the NT nano over time, nano cost, and nano range buffs can be added to that

    edit: improved dark movement as well
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    Updated list to 18.8.4.

    I haven't combed any databases and just did a quick look at what nanos I have (and using an older list), so I'm sure I missed stuff. Please reply with any additional updates.

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    Selfbuffs 4 hours I agree 100% but when it come to any "buff other" nanos I think mac 30 minutes duration makes sense
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    Nukiwa 200/70/30 NT - almost forgotten (awaiting retwink)
    Awidoc 200/70/30 Doc - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awix 200/70/30 Fix - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awienf 220/70/30 Enf - tanked every single boss (and still lives)
    Soldawi 220/70/30 Sol - Pvm Sold
    Awima 150/xx/xx Ma - best S10 MA farmer
    Doctorawi 220/70/30 - Pvm Doc
    Awienfo 200/70/30 - Atrox with Pande red belt and 2xQL300 hammers
    Macierewicz 220/70/30 - Pvm Crat
    Zlakobieta 220/70/30 - max complit +top tradeskiller

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    Ubt ...
    To Equip User Faction == Neutral

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    Extreme Prejudice is now 4hrs.

    Thank god. Remembering to rebuff the pistol-using half of a raid every half an hour was a total PITA

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    : 150/20/42 tankthink
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