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Thread: Agent Wishlist - 2015 Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by srompu View Post
    I think this is how they work at the moment, although QL1 is 7 minutes, and QL200 is 140 hours. I wonder if people would use them despite the tokens getting trashed. QL201+ would be mega-cool.
    Just to clarify, here's how I imagine them working if they were to work perfectly:
    You use a Clan Undercover Kit and it doesn't actually change your faction/alignment but it does change who can tab target you for X hours. This should theoretically be possible since it works for red vs. blue battlestation. Maybe it doesn't even need to be consumable and only works until you zone. The basic premise is that it doesn't affect your character/gear in any way, but it does change who can target you and lets you go pseudo-undercover to assassinate someone who isn't paying enough attention.

    Alternatively, they would come in different QLs but each one would be usable by any level agent to change to a certain side for X hours (where X = QL / 10).
    If possible you wouldn't lose anything when you swap sides except being kicked from your org. Keep your tokens (although only for your side), keep your faction. However, for the sake of balance you would have to have Playshift items be removed on zoning.

    Something like this is very Agenty. I would hope that it's something that every Agent wants to have in their repertoire instead of something sort of gimmicky.
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    Any of you chain Nullity Sphere to TP and Disappear to TMS?

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    These seem pretty reasonable. At those levels, how much +Bow would be needed to be effective?
    I remember swapping weapons at TL5 just to AS. Do you think an easy change would be some rifle recharge speeds tweaks? Are there any weapons you're thinking of? The X-3, Longshot, and Focus/Rebellion Rifle come to mind.
    Bow buffing depends on whether to simply supply Rifle/Bow hybrid guns some compensation (then I'd aim at 2/3 the Rifle bonus) or if Bow as an option should feel viable, then equal bonus (in additional to access to Ranger perk).

    X-3 and Longshot definitely, and also the 3 old school crossbows (Joint Clans Patriot, Bow Blaster, and Urban Crossbow). Pretty much all have the dreaded 2.3-2.5 recharge speed. The Lux Incendiary is also semi high at 2.1 (it's also Agent only).

    On an aside, giving the old Agent-only Collins Energy rifle a heap of love to make it something agents would use would be cool (the Deimos rifle and it's "improved" version also fits that bill).

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    Well, if maxing concealment and getting buffed with the best concealment nanos don't make you able to sneak and AS everything in the game, then I think there's something wrong, and not worth IPing it. If this could be changed, that would be ad hoc and nice

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    I checked the crit-boosted Gan'Kar in an endgame yolo setup and did ~410-450k dpm using MP demon and FP Advy on no-AC bag, ~350k DPM on high-AC bag.
    People in game have also been mentioning using detaunts and pulling agg in raids. Should we take PvM damage off our wishlist? Have we reached useful levels?

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    No. More damage.
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    i like your point where you say "nerf lvl 200 agents!"

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    Open up pistol perks for Agents !

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    Agents are now just fine in damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Agents are doing just fine in DD now, they even options for even more DD if they wanted to go that route.

    Bow can hit upwards of 390k DPM on High AC punching bug, can get more dmg if lots of mobs to abuse Apple Seed - Special Arrows every 25-30 secs.
    Pistol in a equally suicidal setup hits up to 450k DPM(did this myself) at min dmg and 470-480k DPM on low AC mobs due to small dmg range on pistols.
    PDKPx2 can hit around 480k DPM and a slightly larger dmg range than pistol can allow for 500k+ DPM on low AC mobs easy.
    Demon pet is extra DD also.

    Asking for more is just pulling a "MP" if you know what I mean lol.

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    I for one would like to see a good alternative to SPS for the lower levels, preferably make Cobra MK 6 viable with lower recharges. Or make turn spirits weapons faster than 3/3, they're already hard to get and don't offer fling.

    I have a Sec10 agent and I've been running around with SPS since like level 20. Same weapon for 130 levels isn't cool in my eyes.

    There is the Razorback, but it has way too slow AS and only marginal DMG gain, + you can't be full def anymore.

    Then there is the Cobra MK 6. I consider myself twinked but if I don't want to run around as a Trader I can only keep 225 cobra out of OE. It does same/slightly better damage than a SPS, again it's slower and you can't cap AS on this level. The fling shot is way too slow to make up for it and is really heavy on the IP.

    Then there is the Pinpoint/Revolution rifle. I can keep it out of OE even without mimicking trader and it would be a blast for PvE. Except I can use AS once per 83 seconds and I have to be full agg.

    A more widely available (still 200m+, so it's hard to get for new players) alternative is the Joy of the Hunt, but again, the recharge on it is terrible.

    It seems that the only viable replacement is The Cobra MK 6 on QL 275+ (when you get 1877 AS). Then xan rifle on lvl 201.

    Oh, I almost forgot that Longshot is also terrible.

    The old X-3 Yatamutchy might be the best DPM option for lower levels when you can go full agg to keep it 1/1 with someone else taking the heat.

    Am I missing something?


    Don't Fear the Reaper and Adrenaline Rush when mimicking sold? Otherwise I see the mimic only useful for self-buffing. The heals could make it kind of viable for soloing.

    And I also feel like Candycane would make mimic NT very viable on high levels. Especially in raid environment where the +add dmg stacks up.

    Also +1 for solving the NCU issues, I'm running with 554 NCU and I can't even fit self-buffs in.
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