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Thread: Supply Convoy: Hiring

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    Supply Convoy: Hiring

    < This poster seems to be covered up by other notices. >
    (( ooc - event is no longer recurring. ))

    < There is a grid-feed announcement and a poster on the wall near a shop in West Athen. >


    Ros's Mech Repairs - We're hiring!

    Sub-contractors needed for delivery convoy serving Clan outposts in the Wailing Wastes.
    Currently looking for security personnel, mechanics and a driver.

    Job details:

    Start time: 6:00 PM Rubi-Ka Time.
    Day: 2nd Saturday of each month

    For further details, please contact Hilfy or Petros.

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    OOC: Aaaand this would be the job for Groundzer0, if I logged him in I bet. =) haha.
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