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Thread: 18.7.2 Update Release Notes

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    Funcom employee 18.7.2 Update Release Notes

    Patch Date: May 7, 2015

    We decided to release this version earlier than planned to address some of the larger issues at play. 18.7.4, to be released before the end of May, will contain some of the planned balanced changes and adjustments.

    General Changes

    • Added Full IP Resets - Claim yours today!
    • Fixed client desync issue which caused buffs to seemingly grant incorrect bonuses
    • Notum Wars towers are more securely planted to the ground
    • Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud can be casted by froobs; more nanos will be updated/reverted in an upcoming patch
    • Characters who level past 30 will no longer be welcome within Arete Landing
    • Dust Brigade Gamma Drones will be more willing to appear in Mort
    • Pelisse of the Elysian Nymph will drop from Dryads
    • Mutagenic Venom will no longer cause inaccurate feedback when used without Specailization 2 or above
    • Glowing Biotech rings can be created again
    • Vivid Red and Gold Flash yalmahas will be less pink
    • Greedy Shade offers some more YesDrop items
    • Multi Ranged requirements added Nano Technician cyberdecks, as well as an Aimed Shot debuff
    • Tutoring Devices are YesDrop again
    • Odin's Eye buffs cannot be overwritten by Nano Resist buffs
    • Two Left Feet's effect will land more often
    • Bodyguard Outfit will now cost 5 Veteran Points, and can be worn on the chest
    • Pet snare procs' effects will last for a more defined period of time
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