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Thread: Game crashes every time I log out

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    Game crashes every time I log out

    Nevermind! Re-installed with steam and issue is gone.



    Just freshly installed the old engine. Every time I log out, I get a message the the client crashed, and as such my GUI positions don't get saved. This is very frustrating. I'm not sure if this is related, but my resolution is 4k, but I have to play in a window with a lower resolution (1920x1440). The game won't launch if I go higher.

    The AO Crash log says something like

    Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
    Attempted read from: 65737361
    Fault address: 5A63D0AC 01:0007C0AC C:\Funcom\Anarchy Online\MSVCR100.dll

    Hope you guys can help, thanks!

    p.s. - I also tried to run the exe as admin, guessing that the message said I didn't have appropriate permissions to access something, but that did not solve the issue. Also tried a(nother!) fresh re-install.
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    If you're running with the old engine which is what this sounds like then, this will make at least your GPU take it seriously.

    If you want to run at native then use the beta engine. Setting that up here.
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