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Thread: 18.7 patches, IP Resets, and you!

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    Funcom employee 18.7 patches, IP Resets, and you!

    Hey everyone!

    Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to release patches 18.7.1 and 18.7.2. was patched onto Testlive today, and aims to fix some of the larger issues that became apparent after patching. I hope to see it reach Live early next week.

    18.7.2 will arrive in the first half of May, with some slightly larger fixes, some balance changes, etc. With 18.7.2, we will also have a "new" version of Full IP Resets available. They will function in the same way, but it'll be possible to have more than 1 Full IP Reset queued up, similar to how normal IP resets. Upon 18.7.2's release, everyone will be provided with a free Full IP Reset.

    Also, if it's your style, be sure to grab a Bodyguard Suit from the Veteran Shop while it's only 1 point, as this price may increase upon 18.7.2's release.

    I'll be touching on these items and more next week on my April Dev letter! Have a great weekend!
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
    Lead Designer
    Twitter - Welcome to Testlive - Customer Service

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    Funcom employee

    As an update: We plan to patch the Live servers with 18.7.2 later this week. This patch will not have the planned profession/balance changes, as it's main focus is resolving some larger bugs that currently exist.

    18.7.3 will have the bulk of what I had intended to put in 18.7.2, and may arrive a couple days later than previously planned, but I still plan to have this patch out at or around the middle of May.
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
    Lead Designer
    Twitter - Welcome to Testlive - Customer Service

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