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    Funcom employee Testlive Patch Notes:

    Patched: April 24th, 2015

    • NPE Changes:
      • Added a Hacker Tool to the Tech item shop
      • Lolly the Reet will be more willing to stop and chat
      • Surge Baseball Bat will be a little more shocking, as a Melee Energy weapon

    • Profession Changes:
      • Adventurer:
        • Removed random NPCFamily check from Charring Blow.
        • Renamed "Relation to Cerbreus" to "Form of Cerberus"

      • Bureaucrat:
        • Improved Cut Red Tape given a higher stacking order than normal Cut Red Tape
        • Nano Crystal (Carlo Pinnetti) is no longer NoDrop

      • Doctor:
        • Improved effects of "Instinctive Control" and "Improved Instinctive Control"

      • Enforcer:
        • New Rage nano effect.

      • Fixer:
        • Lowered cooldowns on meeps
        • Energize RK Tunnel added to Pandemonium nano shops
        • Restock Special Ammo added to Fixer Nano shops

      • Keeper:
        • Clarion Call will function, though only against player targets.
        • Honor Restored proc has a corrected description

      • Meta-Physicist:
        • Increased size of different Rihwen tiers
        • Increased OE requirements for Rihwen's tiers (Tier 3: ~2400 MC/TS, Tier 2: 2000 MC/TS, Tier 1: 1530 MC/TS)

      • Nano-Technician:
        • Renamed "Nanobot Guard" to "Nanobot Aegis"
        • Lowered AI Level requirement to assemble NT DoTs

      • Shade:
        • Spirit Siphon can be purchased in the Jobe Harbor IPS.

      • Soldier
        • Adrenaline Rush/Don't Fear the Reaper will have correct requirements

    • General Changes:
      • Ground Chief Aune will be less prone to going invulnerable when Inside the Machine
      • It will be possible to visit other organizations' cities with guest passes
      • Updated text seen in Battlestations to reflect Red vs. Blue format change
      • Max beneficial skill will matter again
      • Added Runspeed, HealDelta, and NanoDelta back to Composite buffs
      • Composite buffs (available from General Nano shops) given 8 hour duration and higher stacking order than other composites
      • Major Woon & Brigadier Crux will be far less prone to chain-stunning everything forever.
      • Mr. Pointy's "Not Fake Blood" and Pumpkin Juice cannot be consumed.
      • Hacked Mediblade & Improved Hacked Mediblade have 2750 MBS
      • Leet Pet nanos re-added to the Leets-r-Us shop
      • Removed bar & Food Provider from Battlestation Sign-up "Duel Room" and replaced with some punching bags
      • Increased runspeed modifiers on Yalmahas/Phasefront vehicles
      • Gold Chests of the Collector will produce QL 300 AI Bots
      • Added extra signage to the Phasefront/Item Shop building in ICC
      • Removed more instances of the "Certificate of Travel" quest requirement
      • De'Valos Protection Ring has the Hold Hell at Bay modifiers
      • Sister Botanicus can be affected by debuffs
      • Some benches in Borealis have been vandalized

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