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Thread: schoel quest at 60

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    schoel quest at 60

    Hey guys i have been having fun messing around on my new advy, 40 sumthing at the moment. This is going to be a lvl 60 totw/foremans/coh alt just to see what i t can do and i always like having a lvl 60 in me stable . Question i had was if anyone know what kind of stats you get from the schoel quest nano Pr0n0wnzm3nt 0f H4xx at 60 , looks great at 200 just not sure what its like at 60 and is it worth grinding for ?

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    Would be like 200 Concealment/Run Speed and 5 crit and 1 from aura but since you can't get SL Leet till level 80 it doesn't matter heh.

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    not sure what you mean, i has no lvl lock, well not that i can see.

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    Jobe Scientists questline has no level requirement but it gives the XP% nanocrystal, Yuttos questline has a lvl80 level requirement

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